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My Name is Jessica, CEO of and author of few travel expedition, who has dedicated her whole life to solo adventure travelling around the world. I am very fond of outdoor adventures in extreme sports, photography and travel. I am an enthusiastic campaigner of accumulating fantastic travel experiences. I have been traveling around the world since 2000 and designed to share my travel experience, thereby helping them to spending money less and travel more. Read more

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Travel Advice to the Highest Altitude Cusco

All About Cusco:

It is one of the most exciting places in South America. It is also a beautiful city built according to the indigenous styles and the modern western world .Because of this contrast it has given this city a rare beauty. This city was also called as “Navel of the world. This city is at a greater altitude. People often have mountain sickness when they arrive by plane, so after arriving one must take rest for a day or two in order to adjust to the high altitude. Spanish is the main language in this city. The Peruvian Nuevo sol commonly called sol is national currency.


Tourism is growing faster in this city because of the Museums, Walking tour, Churches, Monuments and nightlife. If you want entertainment, fine food, great coffee and awesome shopping there is no better place than Cusco.

This place has a lot to offer the visitors.Most travellers usually end up falling in love with this vibrant city and stay longer than usually planned.

Places Where Tourist Can Visit in Cusco:                

The first thing the visitors get attracted is the Inca walls. These intricately constructed Inca walls are the foundations of today’s Cusco, some of the best places to see the Inca Walls are along the streets of Loreto and Haturumiyoc.The curved end of Santo Domingo church is also built of Inca stone work.


Sacred Valley: A day through the Sacred Valley is a must. It is simply beautiful. The tour includes visits to the following sites: the famous Pisac, traditional market, Ollantaylambo village, Incaruins, church and chinchero plaza.

MachuPicchu: It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a trip to serenity. It is also a greatest marvel of South America and also along with the sightseeing enjoy the comfort of the best Machu Picchu Hotels.

Inkajungle trek is a hair raising adrenaline pumping tour which captures the majestic power of Machu Picchu along with different variety of sports and unbelievable trekking, Downhill mountain biking,Ziplines,raging rivers, walking along lost Inca trails before reaching the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Visit the highest navigable Lake Titicaca and explore the Uros floating Islands.

White Christ: On a hill overlooking the city of Cusco is the statue known as White Christ of Cristo Blanco. It resembles the statue at Rio de Janeiro Brazil. This statue is lit at night which is an incredible sight.It can be seen from the city.


Cusco has excellent night life and many pubs and discos offer free tickets on the Plaza of Armas.This Plaza changes into a market where typical clothes, souvenirs and artisan are sold. MAMAAFRICA is a best club in town among the tourists and locals. Other popular bars and clubs include Real McCoy, & Angelitos, Groove, Mythology and the Frogs. The lively bars cater to the enthusiastic crowds of young and old.

This city has a great variety of restaurants which caters to every taste and budget. There is good and inexpensive Restaurant to suit everyone’s budget.

After returning from Macho Picchu, you can enjoy a spa massage while relaxing and also enjoy the Lares Valley Inca Hot springs Tour.

Do come and enjoy your vacation at this high altitude destination.

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The Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean


There are mostly more smaller countries in the Caribbean than any other place in the world, with some countries smaller than a large US city, and with a minority of 20,000 inhabitants.

The Island has an attractive and sometimes dark history, and with the variety of colonial influences, there is major mix of cultures to gain your attention, as well as beaches, water sports and mind refreshment in tropical island paradises.


Know More About The Island:

The area generally known as the “Caribbean” situated between the continents of Mexico.  This island curls up in a quarter parts from the coast of Venezuela and ending up near to southern Florida.

In case you ponder, Columbus first reached the land on what he named San Salvador now which is a part of the Bahamas group of islands.

It has its own sea, grandly named the Caribbean Sea, but also known by many people as the SEA OF ANTILLES, usually for those in Europe.


Reason to Catch The Island Beauty:

This region gives you a variety of selection of destinations, generally giving you the best value of experiences with a mind-refreshing climate and beautiful outdoors and beach views.


Location of The Island:

The geography differs from island to island .Some of the well-known flat non-volcanic islands include Barbados, Aruba and the Cayman Islands and some famous volcanic islands include Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Hispaniola.

The trait then differs with the makeup of the island.  For example, the mountainous islands are known for their attractive water scenes.  Some even have wonderful caves lined with stalagmites and stalactites.

Heart of Tourist:

The leading tourist activities in the Caribbean incline to rotate around the typical ‘sea, sun, sand and surf’ type activities.

If you move inland off the beaches, you will feel more remarkable of each island, with an opportunity to cherish some of the inland features like bloomy bushes and forest, sometimes-volcanic mountains and beautiful waterfalls, and the different history and culture of each island people and the towns/cities they reside in.


Passionate nightlife, and captivating cuisine are the attractions on offer.


Language Spoken:

English is largely spoken in the island of Caribbean, certainly in the areas that are more concentrating on inbound tourism.

Trusting on each island’s colonial past, you will find many other European languages spoken as well (primarily Spanish and French).


A Caribbean Dream Holiday:

There is a reasoning why vacations to this island are so famous with tourists. The variety beauty and fun that this island offers are simply good and should be seen to be believed.

Most people choose to either fly to a certain Caribbean place or otherwise to travel by sea that travels between a numbers of the different islands.

Some cruises cover certain parts of the region only of the Caribbean, which is commonly divided into three – the east, the west, or the south.


So pack your bags and get ready to live your dreams with excitement and adventure.

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Travel Advice during Hajj Pilgrimage

Hajj pilgrimage- important dos and don’ts

The Hajj is a religious pilgrimage, to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and witnesses a colossal rate of two million pilgrims from around the globe. It occurs every year from 8th to 13th of Dhu-Al-Hijja, the 12th month of Islamic Calendar. The Islamic calendar according to which the Hajj is organized is eleven days shorter than the Gregorian calendar of the western world. Another popular pilgrimage in Mecca, South Arabia is Umrah which can be undertaken all year long.

Hajj Pilgrimage

Annual religious occasion for Muslims

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health has advised people with chronic diseases like diabetes or kidney ailments, or pregnant women and people with immune deficiency must always postpone their Hajj pilgrimage till the next year. The annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage is a busy travel time, when all the Muslim brothers and sisters from around the world make arrangements to visit this auspicious and enlightening religious destination.

Pilgrims travel to Mecca, prior to the Hajj and many even remain in the country up to four weeks after the Hajj. All the major transport hubs in Mecca remain busy during the Hajj, and special preparations made by officials in Saudi Arabia accommodate the huge influx of pilgrims. The pilgrims must comply and anticipate the delays made in the travel facilities, and must obey all security measures taken in key transportation hubs and airport.

Hajj Pilgrimage_2

Take the help of a professional

Several of these pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia during Hajj also prefer to pay a visit to the holy city of Medina. Due to the colossal rate of tourists in the country, overland travel route may experience congestion especially Route 40 Highway which connects Jeddah and Mecca to the capital Riyadh. The pilgrims visiting Mecca for the first time are always advised to travel with the guidance of a trained driver or local who are familiar with traffic rules and roads of Saudi.

Health certificates for uninterrupted journey

The Annual Hajj Pilgrimage in Mecca brings together trillions of worshippers from all the corners of the globe. Travelers are likely to face increased physical exertion, and the crowded situations also pose several health risks. Thus, travelers must always create a strategic plan before starting their journey, for preserving their health, both during and after the Hajj. Visitors at Hajj pilgrimage are required to produce vaccination certificates against infection ACWY. Both conjugate and polysaccharide vaccines are required for visa purposes. The polysaccharide vaccine cannot be more than three years, and should be taken at least 10 days before the trip. The conjugate vaccine should not be more than eight years old and must also be taken 10 days prior to the trip.

Countries which are included in the African Meningitis Belt like Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Gambia, Chad, Cameroon, Burkina Faso etc will be administered with antibiotic treatment upon arrival. Travelers, who have been infected with Yellow Fever, need to submit valid vaccination certificates for accessing Mecca. The weather at Saudi during winters remains hot, and visitors often remain at risk of sun stroke, dehydration, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and sun burn. Thus, pilgrims need to carry enough quantity of liquid while traveling, and must use umbrellas.


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Iceland Stairway to Heaven

Iceland Natures Gift:

Iceland has a lot of variation to offer, that if we look through its beauty, we are sure to be shocked forever. Projecting to you here are wonderful places which are honestly a heaven on Earth. Observe the most beautiful places in the universe!

It’s not at all surprising that these steps in Iceland are one of the world’s most stunning places. There are fixed hours during the day when the sun is properly located at that angle that the scene becomes even more wonderful. It’s the kind of place that you will fall in love every time you visit it.


It is situated about 25 km west of the town of Erfoud, lays a magical stairway that has been named as stairway to heaven. Rejoicing in its basked glory, it looks even more beautiful at the time of sunrise and sunset. The way it falls among the generous and rich mountains of Iceland, it looks like a tunnel that directs straight to heaven.

The beauty of Iceland has been praised by many people who’ve visited the shocking beautiful country. But, this is one special place where you need to visit and experience before you die.


Story of the Stairs to Heaven:

It was built by the German artist Hannesjörg Voth, which was completed in 1987. It’s a 16m high stairway with 52 steps directing to an entrance at the top. You then move down to the living accommodation.

Voth then commenced on the Golden Spiral which he finished in 1997. This is found on a shell design with steps in the middle guiding down to living space surrounding an underground well.

The City of Orion which was completed in 2003 does not include living space, it’s a number of pise towers arranged in the design of the Orion constellation and the height of each tower projects its magnitude of brightness.


Best Time to Visit Your Dream Place:

There is a usual saying in Iceland, ‘if you don’t prefer the weather, just wait for five minutes’ and it is always true. When speaking about the best time to pay visit to Iceland, it is necessary to decide what you want to see and what you want to do there and also what you want to avoid. In terms of being famous, July and August are the most admired times to go, with mild long days. If you hate the cold then this is best time to go. But if you dislike big crowds at the popular sights then surely choose to go another time.

The heart on most of our tours to Iceland is the wonderful Northern Lights. It is likely to see them from September through to early April, but, we’ve found that the best time to witness them is in February, March, September and October. The chilled winter months of November to February is wrapped in a cover of refreshing white snow.This is the perfect time to travel to Iceland if you want to experience the beautiful snow and the different activities that takes places.


Relaxation At:

Econo Lodge, Golden Hotel, Rondo Motel, Alpine Meadows Lodge, Vagabond Lodge at Kicking Horse, Winton Lodge Etc.


So do visit this heavenly abode.

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Cancun the Tropical Paradise of Mexico

All about Cancun Mexico:

Cancun is famous for its white sand beaches and for its bright blue waters. This place is situated in the southeast coast of Mexico in the state of Quintana Rao in the Yucatan Pennisula.Cancun is a tropical paradise that remains one of the world’s top tourist destination Caribbean paradise promises romantic evenings watching the sunset. If you are looking for a place with great weather, nightlife and some activities in Mexico, Cancun is the place where you should be.


Whatever your travel tastes, a visit to Cancun will fill you up with excitement and adventure, since it gives a chance to explore heaven of outdoor enthusiasts, historical information and thrill seekers.

There Are Many Attractions and Things to Do In Cancun Mexico While Enjoying Your Holiday

Cancun’s Beaches:                                                                                              

The beautiful Beaches of white sand, colourful turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea are the hottest spots in town. Topless bathing is an activity which is accepted in Cancun and many other surrounding areas. But today nudity is rare. Popular for swimmers and water sport enthusiasts are Cancun’s northern beaches. Playa Las Perlas is good for swimming, water sports, restaurants and bars. Playa Linds is the best place to find dive tour operators.Scuba diving and snorkel tours also depart from these clean beaches. Playa Caracol is flat and shallower water good for children.

Swim with Whale Sharks: Immerse yourself in the marine life along with the small group adventure. Observe the calm water for whale sharks, once they are spotted put on your snorkelling gear and plunge into the indecent water to snorkel alongside the fascinating fish. Watch them feast upon Microscopic Plankton.

Sightseeing, Snorkelling and Dancing on the Catamaran Cruise: Enjoy the cruise on the triple decker catamaran on the CaribbeanSea for a full day sightseeing, snorkelling, shopping and salsa dancing. There is an open bar and freshly prepared Fajita lunch on board.

Cancun Combo Tour: Explore the jungle via ATV and ZIPLINE on the eco-adventure from Cancun. Spend a half day on Mexico’s best Zip line. It is a set of twelve that will send you flying through the treetops. Then take a four- wheeler- all -terrain for half an hour ride through the jungle, and then have a swim in a pristine cenote.

Rio-Secreto-Underground River Tour with Crystal Caves: Experience the serenity of the famous crystal caves of Mexico. One can swim through an underground river and enjoy the tranquillity inside an ancient cave and explore the natural wonders of the YUCATAN. View the vibrant colours and dramatic minerals forms that lie hidden deep below the surface of the earth.


V Nightclub Tour In Cancun: When it comes to Night life, there is no better place than beautiful Cancun. The Nightlife is very loud, sexy. One can dance and party throughout the night. Right from pool party to open air club. They have disco with the me show and party favour’s. Some of the clubs are THE CITY NIGHT CLUB, COCOBONGO, CARLOS and CHARLIE ‘S, MANDALA DISCO AND DADY’O OR SWEET NIGHTCLUB.


Cancun Parasailing Adventure: Anyone interested for an adventurous trip can opt to soar high above the shimmering sea and towering hotels of Cancun. From the top you can see the beautiful city and the thick jungle during the trip.


Lobster Dinner Cruise: While cruising on NICHUPTE LAGOON and enjoying Lobster and Steak, You can watch the Sun begin to sink below the horizon as you relax, listen to the sounds of the birds and other wildlife in the Mexican jungle.

Cancun Underwater Museum: Discover a mesmerizing museum of submerged selection of statues positioned on the ocean floor of the Caribbean ocean. See how the British artist JASON De CAIRES Taylor sculpted the figures from PH Neutral clay.

Any one for SHOPPING can visit the Cancun’s beautiful malls, like Plaza Las Americas and Plaza Kukulcán,where there are branded stores, cinemas, and food courts. La Isla Shopping Village has Venetian-style canals and a spectacular aquarium.El Centro is well known for crafts, and authentic street chow.Hand made Sombreros to Hammocks or Huaraches (sandals) and artisan silver jewellery are some of the unique gifts sold.

Eating & Drinking:

Food is cheaper in El Centro, where locals eat incendiary tacos, enchiladas and tamales. For an inexpensive snack, the food stalls in Parque Las Palapas is too good.


Cancun is an Open Gate to Your Dream Vacation.

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