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My Name is Jessica, CEO of and author of few travel expedition, who has dedicated her whole life to solo adventure travelling around the world. I am very fond of outdoor adventures in extreme sports, photography and travel. I am an enthusiastic campaigner of accumulating fantastic travel experiences. I have been traveling around the world since 2000 and designed to share my travel experience, thereby helping them to spending money less and travel more. Read more

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Google Maps
Travel Advice

This New Google Maps Feature Will Completely Change the Way You Travel

Travelling in a foreign country has always been a hassle bound affair but Google Maps has helped in removing a lot of such hassles. Google Maps now offer a handy function which allows user to save any location which will remove the burden of searching those locations again. If you are navigating in a foreign country then it becomes cumbersome to search for various locations again and again. Google Maps new feature will help users in simply searching for the locations once and it can be saved for later uses. Google Maps will denote the saved location on the app with a star sign which will help in promptly checking out the place on the map.

Google Maps

Save location set to change the way people travel

Google Maps has been a handy app for a long time for the tourists and locals to find new and old places alike on any location. But each time any wishes to have some great coffee at a particular restaurant then it requires the complete searching task. This new and clever feature in the Google Maps of simply saving the location will certainly change the way people travel in the long run. It not just saves user from the frustrating task of retyping the location again but also helps in marking the location with a star sign for quick reference.

Save location feature will be a boon for keen travelers who love to roam around the world. This feature will ensure that you never lose the location of a remote restaurant where you had an awesome meal or a lesser known shop known for offering great deals on branded products. Furthermore one can also use this feature to plan ahead in the future by simply saving a large number of locations which you would like to visit when you are in that particular country.

How to make use of the Google Maps save function

Google has ensured that using the ‘save function’ remains simple and can be used by the user swiftly. A user is required to open the Google Map app and type the location of his or other choice. When the correct destination appears on the screen then select the tag to expand the location completely. Finally give a simple click on the save button next to the location and a star will appear in that particular area signaling that you have successfully saved the location.

From now on whenever a user opens up the Google Map then it show all the saved location with star sign. In case you wish to deleted the saved locations then simply give click on the ‘unsave’ option. Google is set on making the world’s most used map application into the best one by unveiling more and more features. Google has also introduced the offline map feature in the Google Maps app which helped users in saving the maps of a particular area for offline usage. However ‘save location’ will come handier when travelling through foreign countries and locations.

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Travel Advice for Those Going to Australia

Are you thinking of planning a vacation? Confused with the destination! The most desired place to go for holidaying is the land Of Kangaroos. Yes you are correct! It is Australia. The location is such that can quench all your desires related to your dream holiday destination. It is both a continent and a country which is bordered by Pacific and Indian Oceans. Its major cities are all coastal areas like Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and many more where you can get the privilege of being in the lap of nature. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before planning your journey to this land.


Climatic Conditions – The climate here varies extensively all throughout the year. There are four seasons in this country, which are distinct from the seasons in the northern hemisphere. December to February is summer, March to May is autumn, June to August is winter and September to November is spring. You need to keep these weather conditions in mind and then plan your vacation accordingly.

Language – Australia is convenient in terms of language as it is a multicultural nation with varying population though the official language is English.

Currency – The national currency here is Australian dollars (AUD). Coins are in 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent that too in denominations. You need to exchange your currency accordingly.


Tourist Visa – Tourist visas are provided to people who wish to visit Australia for holidaying or recreation. There are number of tourist visas provided but you need to apply for the correct type of visa, requirements for application, your obligations during your stay in Australia and the importance of complying with visa terms. These are the important things you need to know before applying and granting for Australian visa. You also need to visit the Australian Government department Of Immigration and Citizenship for knowing all the eligibility criteria.

Service Tax – The Goods and Service tax is 10 percent. There is a possibility of claiming a refund for the GST paid on goods. Tourist Refund Scheme facilities are located in the departure area of international terminals.

Customaries – Services charges are not added to your bill in restaurants and hotels. So you can always opt for tipping. The legal drinking age everywhere here is 18 years and you are required to provide your age proof.


Entertainment and Fun – Besides, keeping the above mentioned points in mind, Australia also provides a lot of entertainment to it guests as the country is famous for its Opera House situated in Sydney, The great Barrier Reef, Wilderness of the desert regions of the country and unique wildlife species like Kangaroo, Crocodile, duck-billed platypus and many more. Since, the place is surrounded by two great oceans you can experience several water sports like snorkeling, parasailing, boat tours, underwater diving and several other activities. The location is apt for hiking and biking trails as well. Accommodation is also not a problem as there are several options like boutique hotels, backpackers, luxury resorts and self-serviced apartments, where you can expect best kind of services in your preferred budget range.


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Credit Cards
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Best Travel Credit Cards for the Year 2016

Travelling is known to be an expensive affair but having the right credit cards can help in saving a lot of money. A number travel credit cards have emerged which offers great features along with perks like insurance coverage and companion flights. Here are some of the best travel credit cards which ought to be used in 2016.

Scotiabank Gold American Express

Soctiabank Gold American Express travel credit cards offers annual rewards of $429. Some of the features and benefits of using Scotiabank Gold American Express card includes:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance: It offers one of kind travel emergency medical insurance for up to 25 days.
  • Hotel Privileges: You will get up to 25% more off on the lowest offer at over 18,000 across the world. In simple words you will be able to save more on the hotel and accommodation on your travels.
  • Car Privileges: You will get up to 25% off on the qualifying rentals with as many as 131 companies on global scale.

With these credit cards you will earn four points for each dollar spent on the gas, restaurants, groceries and restaurants. This card has an annual fee of just $99 while supplemental cards can be bought at just $29. If you like the Aeroplan then you will be able to convert the points to that program with this card.

Credit Cards_1

WestJet RBC World Elite Master Card

WestJet RBC World Elite Master credit cards offer annual rewards worth $560. It has a number of features and benefits which includes:

  1. Buddy System: No one like to fly alone and WestJet credit cards will make sure you don’t get into that situation. Once a year you will get an opportunity to bring any friend with you to visit Canada or continental US at a price of just $99.
  2. Raking up Miles: You will earn 1.5% on each purchase in form of WestJet miles along with getting 2% back on the WestJet bookings.
  3. Boarding Pass: When you make the first purchase with these credit cards then you will get $250 WestJet dollars which is more than enough to fund a round trip from Calgary to Vancouver.
  4. Luggage insurance: Most of the travel credit cards come loaded with some type of insurance like flight delay coverage, travel medical but none of them offer luggage insurance. WestJet offers the much need luggage insurance with which you can travel with peace of mind.

Make most by spending just $500 a month

WestJet travel credit cards offer great value and returns to its users than the Scotiabank card. Users will be able to get annual rewards worth $281 by just spending $500 per month after fees. Usually if a user doesn’t charge a lot on its credit then he will wish to stay clear of the annual fee which isn’t possible. But with WestJet doesn’t want you to frantically go for spending in order to get the required points rather it offers some great perks and benefits like annual companion flights which starts at just $99.


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5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Honeymoon in Bruges

Get ready to fall in love. Not just with married life but with your honeymoon destination. Bruges is without a doubt one of the best places to visit. It has a little bit of everything. History, architecture, and sights so beautiful they will stop you in your tracks. Literally. Everything about the city (which happens to be the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium) is picturesque. From the horse-drawn carriages to the 17th century houses and everything in between. There is no question why Bruges has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage City. In case you were still hmm-ing and haw-ing…. here are five reasons to celebrate your honeymoon in Bruges.


It Has Been Dubbed The Venice Of Belgium. There are many reasons to celebrate your honeymoon in Bruges. One of the most important? Bruges is often referred to as “the Venice of Belgium.” The reason for this? All of the incredible canals. Visitors (and honeymooners!) can experience the city in a whole new way by taking a memorable canal tour. Prepare yourself for postcard worthy scenes, gardens, and impressive views of this medieval city.


You Can Travel Back In Time By Exploring The Old Buildings. Bruges has plenty to offer fans of gothic architecture. Much of the city centre features older buildings (which is precisely why the city was named a UNESCO World Heritage City). The Belfry for instance, is a medieval bell tower that dates back to the 1200s. The Basilica of the Holy Blood also dates back to the 1200s. It doesn’t end there. The city is loaded with wonderful examples of historic buildings and churches.


It Is Possible To Take a Romantic Bike Ride Around The City. It’s your honeymoon. You want to do something fun and exciting. So why not take a bike ride around the city? In Bruges there are many places to rent bikes. Or you can sign up for a guided bike tour to learn more about the city. On wheels! This is a unique way to experience the city, do something different, and make lasting memories.


You Can Indulge In Some Fabulous Food and Drinks. It just wouldn’t be vacation without a little something sweet. Don’t worry. Bruges has chocolate absolutely everywhere. There are chocolate shops scattered through the city – or you can treat yourself to a tasty Belgium waffle instead. It doesn’t end there. Beer drinkers will love the plentiful options available to them. Most restaurants offer a wide selection of local beers. Some even have sampler options. Be sure to choose wisely!


It Is Quieter Than Other European Cities. You want your honeymoon to be quiet and peaceful. Believe it or not…. this is possible. While other European cities are constantly hectic and overcrowded, Bruges is a whole lot quieter. There is room to get around with ease and plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the views. Plus, most of the restaurants and bars close at a reasonable hour. That means you can get plenty of well-deserved shuteye.


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Make Your Travel Simple and Easy

Travelling can be related to many different things. It can be done for a purpose to take a break from the mundanity of life, i.e., to enjoy a blissful vacation with your family and friends or for the purpose of business and work. In both the cases the traveler is reluctant towards having a troublesome journey. Everyone wants to have a simple and easy outing. As too much complications will only led to stress and tensions and the exact motive of travelling gets diverted. Here are some simple tips that will enable you to cherish an unhindered journey.

DESTINATION – The first and foremost thing that you need to take into account for travelling is where you want to go. It is always best to move to a place that will help you to engage more with your own self and with your dear ones. Plan your journey to a place where you don’t need to compromise with your comfort. As moving on to an abstract destination will only add up to your troubles and mess up everything. Your whole experience of travelling can prove out to be bleak if you fail to make a perfect decision in this regard.

LUGGAGE – One of the important things that bothers everyone is what to take and what not to take. It is always preferred to have a light baggage because if your stuffs are extreme in quantity then all your leisure time will go in handling them. Carry things which are less expensive to avoid palpitation regarding them. Handy stuffs are always preferred so that it becomes easier both to carry and to handle.

ECONOMIC ASPECTS – Money is the most important thing which will decide everything. As your complete package will rely on it. Avoid going to places which are beyond your liabilities. If you spend too much for travelling then that will start bothering you. Just remember one thing travelling is not always about lavish destination and luxurious living, all that counts is how much you are contended. It’s a matter of choice designed smartly and not foolishly that does not bring any positive returns.

PLANNING – Proper planning is what that makes your travelling easier. You should not indulge into exaggerations, as that will exhaust you. Plan your journey in such a way so that you can add a lot more quality time in your memories instead of all the buzz. Go to tourist spots, experience thrilling and exciting activities that will fill the wardrobe of your mind and soul with a lot of positivity and discard all that tends to snatch away your peace of mind.

These are few important things that one needs to keep in mind while travelling. As journey should be safe and happening where you can ignore all that you detest and come out of all the nuisance that threatens your individuality. Have an exciting journey by just checking out the do’s and the don’ts in a judicious way. Just follow these simple things and all will be set for a undisputable venture.

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