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Top Travel Destinations in Mexico

Known widely for its diverse topographical beauty comprising mountains, jungles and deserts, Mexico is located just between the United States of America and Central America. Albeit acclaimed widely for its natural charms, a question perpetually associated with Mexico, pertains to its safety. Many travellers still avoid the question of visiting this astounding country owing to the headlines made often by it.  However, Mexico is generally a crime avoiding tourist destination. Here are the must visit travel destinations:



Cancun is a world renowned tourist destination known for its pristine beaches, Mayan ruins, extravagant hotels and resorts and an all encompassing nightlife. Cancun is a perfect amalgam of modern and the bygone. You can enjoy the all inclusive luxury that is provided by the resorts however you can also observe the quintessential Mexican life in all its mundane glory here.Mexico-2


Mexico City

Founded by Amerindians and considered to be one of the oldest capitals of the world, Mexico City, was originally built by the Aztecs and was known as Tenochtitlan. This is one of the most historically significant and renowned cities with a crime rate one thirds of that Washington DC. Mexico City underwent a thorough makeover for its bicentennial and now boasts of having its own Time Square in the avatar of Plaza Garibaldi. The colonial buildings that one shaded its beauty owing to years of pollution now showcase their rich colonial detailing. And the city is replete with Aztec canals, pyramids, Diego Rivera and a growing haven for hipsters and foodies with its happening eateries in Polanco and Condesa. And if you are a fan of art, then Frida Kahlo’s old studio is also here.



Just located a little inland from Cancun, Merida is a colonial city complete with the beautiful buildings reminiscent of a bygone era. It is the capital and the largest city of the Yucatan peninsula. If you wish to escape the overtly consumerist life of the resorts and just unwind in the cultural aspects of Mexico then this is the right place for you with its ample art galleries, museums and theatres.


Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is the latest wonder of the world and is basically the most famous and preserved Mayo site in Mexico. The greatness of the impeccable ruins attracts over 12 million tourists each year. There are also a number of stunning cenotes and lesser known archaeological sites.


It is also one of the most well known urban vacation spots abuzz with film festivals, cultural events, book fairs, sports, nightlife and mariachi music. This also happens to be the birthplace of tequila.



Surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Madre del Sur and located at an elevated altitude of 5000 metres above the sea level this colonial city should be explored to reveal its rich heritage preserved in churches and museums and the rich tapestry of colonial buildings.  This is the city where you would get to experience the authenticity of Mexican culture.


Los Cabos

Los Cabos has gained popularity as one of the most popular vacation spots and is regarded as the marlin sport fishing capital of the world. Comprising two towns, San Jose and San Lucas, it is divided by a scenic highway known as the corridor and is the perfect juxtaposition between San Jose as the traditional quiet town and San Lucas as with its over the top resorts and nightlife.


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Some of the Preserved Towns of UK That You Must Visit in the Holidays

The true cultural heritage of any country still lives on in the smaller towns, whereas the character of the major cities around the world is becoming a bit homogenous. It is holidaying in a small town in UK that gives the true flavor of culture, cuisine, history and heritage and so on.

Travel in picturesque locations

One of the most charming destinations in the UK is Beverley, East Yorkshire and the environment is romantic and quixotic. This destination is so charming and captivating that it will make the vacationers think that they are in Jane Austen’s novel. The town is a Gothic masterpiece with top notch churches, marvelous Georgian residences, and cobbled streets. Anyone interested in getting a taste of the old world charm of the 14th century, Beverly is just the place for you. Those interested in getting a fine dining experience while their stay at Beverly must visit Pipe and Glass, a Michelin star restaurant, outside the town.


A place which has been one of the most preferred locations for filmmakers is the beautiful town of Pickering in North Yorkshire.  Vacationers have a variety of options to explore in this town, a night out at the delightful pubs, traveling in the steam locomotive trains, mountain biking in Dalby Forest, or visiting the North York Moors National Park. The best and most reliable lodging options in this town are Bramwood located in the center of Pickering or The White Swan.

Explore the beautiful and captivating towns of UK

One of the few remaining Saxon walled towns in England is Wareham, Dorset, an incredibly picturesque location. The town is ideally located on the riverside and is an excellent base for traveling and touring in the surrounding locations. It is the home to the mysterious Blue Pool known for its changing colors, and visitors should not miss cycling in the reinvigorating surrounding of the Dorset countryside.


A perfect winter holiday location is Pitlochry, Perthshire famous for its lovely rivers, theatres, train stations and revitalizing walks. Pack some warm clothes and set off to explore the mesmerizing Allean Forest, Faskally Woods, or Loch Tummel considered to be the most eminent views in Scotland. A quiet walk along the riverside offers the atmosphere of solitude and silence.

A location which deserves a place on your ‘must visit list’, is the stunning town of Aberystwyth, West Wales. The place is eminent for its coastline which is also regarded as to ‘die for’, Aber Arts Center and the amazing National Library. It is a university town, and remains busy all around the year, and the location is popular amongst mountain bikers and cyclists. The town certainly has a number of modern eating joints including Ultra Comida, seafood café Pysgoty and the pizza joint Baravin.


An idyllic Georgian market town also known as ‘the finest stone town in England’ is Stamford, Lincolnshire. This perfectly preserved town is the home to one of the most popular street markets, selling everything from household goods to eclectic furniture. UK is known for its amazing towns and bustling countryside and has remained the pride of the country. Some of the other towns which are known for its old world charm include Chepstow in Monmouthshire, Bury St Edmunds, County Durham, and Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria.

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Plymouth Colony
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Growth and Decline of the Plymouth Colony

Finding of the Plymouth Colony has been one of the vital excavations by the archaeologists and still now researchers are keen to discover some new information regarding the first European settlers. A group from the many ominous Universities found out the relics from this derivative hermit of pilgrims who from the beginning settled in this colony of 1620.

Some archaeologists and their team in there several excavations came to the fact that this colony has a long tradition of cultural reminiscence. Many artifacts were digged out during frequent excavations that took place during since 18th to 20th century. The place was also encountered as a tourist spot. Hence, it could be concluded from the sources that were discovered that Plymouth Colony was a affluent town since its very first habitation.

Venturing for this discovery was not an easy task. The archaeologists really had to struggle hard to find out the first settlement of this Colony. It was discovered that the early residents of Plymouth did not use houses made from stone or bricks rather they built their homes by digging holes and planting stakes in the ground. When the researchers found the kind of soil stains, coupled with musket balls, pottery and other artifacts proving this fact and also that these would have been used by the colonizers and not the indigenous people.

A 17th century calf, also known as Constance by the archaeologists, helped to confirm the findings. They discovered the remains of this place inside the confines of a kind of a settlement and they also figured out that the native might not have used cows for domestic purposes as confirmed through the investigation.

It was found that the original Plymouth settlement in the 17th century seemed to built on an even older Wamoanoag tribe settlement whose residents had perished before the arrival of pilgrims. The team continued to find several other objects from the tribes, including a stone workshop that confirmed the existence of 1620 Plymouth Colony.

It is further confirmed that the emigrants in this settlement were successful to focus on building a convenient habitat for themselves instead of spending time and energy only in gathering resources to protect themselves from foreign attacks. They were taught to grow corn, which came out as their staple crop. They were also taught how and where to hunt fish and beaver. Though it is understood that Plymouth cannot become a pioneering economic country as other settlements and colonies. Still tropical living made the colony prosperous and fit for habitation within the five years of its discovery.

Many excavations have been carried on that confirmed the existence of native. It is said that it’s a testament to the thousands of years of repeated occupation before it was considered as a European settlement.

The Plymouth Colony was regarded as the self-dependent colony being nurtured by a common religious belief that has led to the flourishing its economic condition. Yet the initial know how was regarded as the stepping stone for several other hamlets.


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Parallel Universe
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Physicist Has Approved Of Parallel Universe and Travel Living

Finding out a different and a new dimension for travelling is not something that you cannot make it happen. It might resemble scientific stories but it can be in your grip now. Physicists and several renowned Professors from the field of Quantum Mechanics have discovered that there are a several different graphic presentations that exist in the equally spaced universe where you can leap through your time and be in the mode of relaxation. They have also acclaimed that these parallel universe also move in accordance to each other.

The notion of parallel universe confirms that every possibility might happen at the same time. Doctors from the University of California propagated a new discovery on the theory in which Several Worlds tend to interact with each other.

The concept of parallel universe as per the quantum theory has been discovered since 1957. According to this several world; interacting theory every new universe leads into a group of new worlds and a new measurement is made. Possibilities are hence can be felt just like we know that Australia was once also a colonized country.

Some critics cannot rely on this parallel universe theory, as they cannot add to in affecting this universe. Though the newly introduced that confirms the existence of several worlds the possibility of many parallel universes but they believe that all are situated on the same timetable and can also interact with each other without any issues.

The interesting part is that there are many parallel universe that reproduce quantum mechanics as opposed to the theory of Newtonian mechanics that confirms one world theory. Dr. Hall brought forth something novice that is neither Newton’s concepts nor quantum mechanics theory. He tried to portray a new sketch of quantum mechanics’ that can prove out to be beneficial in forging discoveries to explore new dimensions of the quantum occurrence.

The new dimension regarding time travel came when pioneering Professors from the University of Auckland got the several awards for their excellent work in the field of science and technology. The new concepts prove that quantum theory does not negate time travel. You can go to another universe! Only if you can manipulate time that allows time leaping.

Everett propounded an interpretation where the world is splitting constantly. If we accept this parallel universe theory then it can be concluded that our universe is structured in an infinitely larger folds interpreted as the multiple universe, which can be taken as the ever-growing mass of equally spaced universes.

In this manner, the findings of parallel universe as per the quantum mechanics grants a time traveler to reverse the previous without producing any issues just like the troublesome grandfather paradox. Many science fiction authors suggested time travel paradoxes would be solved by parallel universes via the quantum theory as we see here. Now a time travel can also be made possible with parallel dimensions or universe only if we know how to manage our time that can allow time hopping without any troubles as per the Physicists.


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Rotorua: Perfect for a Short Break

A serene holiday destination and an ideal weekend getaway place set in New Zealand’s North Island is Rotorua. Instead of opting for tourist hot spots, go for a vacation with your loved ones to Rotorua for a boutique and authentic experience. It is indeed a beautiful and serene place, which will provide you a unique thought provoking experience. Several new cafes and eateries along with a few mesmerizing natural scenes will certainly offer you with a plethora of unforgettable holiday memories.


Mesmerizing lakes for an enhanced holiday experience

Lakes of Rotorua are the name given to 17 beautiful lakes of the district, is ideal for activities like swimming, waterskiing, and fishing. Lakes of Rotoura or Rotorua lakes have been used for events like World Blind Sailing Championship and World Water-ski Championship.

If you want a taste of the most romantic experience with your better half try taking a walk by the Hamurana Springs. A peaceful and quiet walk in the northeast side of the lake through grooves of Redwoods offers the perfect spring experience. The place is famous for its calm and comforting atmosphere and is the ideal place for reconnecting with your inner self and nature.


An abundance of option

For a rustic Rotorua stay, opt for motels, but if you wish get a more swanky and modern experience try the beautiful lakeside boutiques. These boutiques are ideal for people who wish to get a more modern holiday experience.

Most of these boutiques offer large rooms with cozy beds and fireplaces with pools overlooking the lake, and spas. If you are a foodie and your ultimate dream is to taste something utterly delicious try visiting the place called Eat Street. This walkway is dotted with bars, posh dining spots and amazing cafes. This place is perfect for spending some fun time with friends over drinks and trying out few lip smacking dishes.

Try connecting with nature

The district, which is also known as Spa Town, is the home to several botanical gardens and historic architectural specimens. The Government Gardens, which is located on the eastern edge of town, is a famous tourist destination and is a place of pride for New Zealand. If you wish to get a taste of adventure while staying in Rotoura, try mountain biking in Whakarewarewa Forest.

Here adventurers can enjoy mountain biking on the 100 km long trail, and the place was also selected as top 8 location of the world in 2012. Nature enthusiasts will get plenty of options, one being the Rainbow Springs nature park, which impressively boasts New Zealand’s birdlife.

If you are a family man and want your children to get a chance to understand the beauty of nature, there can be no better place than Rotorua. Here you will get to spot many beautiful kiwis and several other birds, which form an important part of New Zealand’s native wildlife. We all get tired of our busy and monotonous schedules, and everybody needs a break. Rotorua is perhaps the ideal holiday destination for spending some quality time with loved ones.


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