Yoga Retreats

The world never comes to a standstill. Sometimes it feels so good to turn off your phone and just throw yourself into a relaxing yoga retreatNot all retreats are created equal. Some are hippy chic whist others are luxurious. Some are gentle and relaxing while other is strict to bring you in shape. A luxury yoga retreat is the perfect way to rebalance mind, body and spirit and to restore your health and well-being. Practising yoga is said to be divine. It can be more blissful when practised on a gorgeous beach, overlooking the ocean.

Here is some of the retreat around the world with their stunning locations, yogic excellence, plush lodgings or a combination of the three.

Blue OSA Yoga Retreat and spa truly encompasses ‘Pura Vida’ in its fullest. It combines the best of the coastal and jungle life. There are herds of monkeys and flocks of Macaw parrots in the surrounding canopies. Blue OSA offers delicious farm products for daily meals. They create a loving and comfortable atmosphere of community.

Kaliyoga, Puglia: is a favourite yoga retreat with good food, beautiful surroundings and twice daily yoga sessions. Here the tourist will stay in a trullo one of those traditional, conical buildings the region is famous for. The house can be shared or you can stay alone for an extra fee. The newly constructed outdoor yoga pavilion is where classes are held when the sun is shining. If yoga session isn’t relaxing enough, you can choose from a wide range of spa treatment here, from deep tissue and reflexology to manicures and pedicures.

Blue karma resort- Bali Indonesia: Known as the island of the Gods, Bali is one of the most popular yoga retreat destinations. Yoga practitioners from all over the world come to Bali because of the stunning landscapes, iconic rice paddy fieldsman and gorgeous beaches. The 4 day intensive yoga retreat guarantees guest a rejuvenating experience which helps them reconnect with their mind, body and spirit.

If a yoga retreat feels too hectic and tiring, adventure Yogi has a B&B and yoga option in Ibiza with lots of flexibility. Daily 90 minutes morning yoga classes and a huge and healthy brunch are included in the price and the rest of the time is free to explore the White Isle’s beaches, towns and nightlife. Accommodations are given in an ashram style in a simple fence or in caravans in the garden. Adventure Yogi offers lots of either great choice, from UK weekends to a skiing and yoga week in France.

Al’bol Belize: this is Belize’s first yoga retreat and is a building with a reputation for being a family friendly eco-resort. It is situated on the beach front just a quarter mile from the second smallest Barrier reef in the world. As you stay within the small village of cabanas perfect situated by the sea, you’ll be woken daily to the sound of tropical birds and witness the sunrise over the reef each morning. The ocean becomes your playground as you snorkel, windsurf and kayak in the bath warm waters. After your session you can curl up in a hammock and read as you like out across the crystal clear sea or take another leisurely swim in the lagoon inspired pools.  It is a perfect place to getaway as a couple, or as a family to reconnect with you as well as with nature.

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for yoga holiday. It is very difficult to find a resort with low-priced options. One can also go biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding or many other activities for all guests for an extra fee.

Hawaii is a spiritual place because of its natural beauty, sunny beaches, lush forests and arid mountains. Local might tell you that the deeper secret of Hawaii’s magic lies in its abundance of mana- the divine essence in everything. Yoga studios are plenty. All you need to get a post-yoga glow is a deep healing breath of the rich islands of prans or mana.

To rest, refresh and focus deeply on your yoga practice and broaden your horizons at the same time yoga retreat is a must.

So stop dreaming and start booking your yoga vacation.