Winter escape in Mallorca


Mallorca, The largest island in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands is everything dreams and Mediterranean postcards are made of. An autonomous Spanish region since 1983, Mallorca is a traveller’s delight both in summer as well as in the dreary days of winter which finds a sunny sojourn away from the bleakness of the northern European nations!

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If you are looking for a winter gateway away from the cold and gloom which becomes all pervading and overshadows your mood, then Mallorca would provide you with sunshine on your shoulders which is guaranteed to make you feel at peace and needless to say very happy! Another great thing about visiting Mallorca in winter is the rampant outdoor activities that remain open to tourists till late in the evening, and if that isn’t your thing, then plenty of great shops to sooth the retail therapy addict in you! plus what’s absolutely incredible is that the shops are in such beauteous locations that tourism and shopping just seem to intertwine like nobody’s business! However, the great thing about outdoor activities in the winter is, there is no harsh Mediterranean sun to make you sweaty and gross, and there is no snow, but just mellow pleasantness all around.

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The entire Mallorca island is a cyclist’s dream with routes covering the entire island! The two main mountains ranging across the entire islands are the Taramuntana mountain range in the western part of the island and the and there is the slightly tamer Serra de Llevant mountains in the east.

And the best part is there are amazing hiking trails crisscrossed around both these parts with scenic beauty to make you hold your breath and make it rugged at the same time! And if even hiking is not your cuppa, then there are beaches to just lie down and soak the mildness of the sun without a care in the world.

Also the nightlife in Palma de Mallorca, which is the capital has not only the most tantalising restaurants, but also the most amazing nightlife the Mallorca island has to offer- no matter what you like, gastropubs, dance-floors or a pint or to dance the night away and break into dawn, you can have it all So all you have to do is to let your hair down and let the music take you over and how!

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Once you’re done with dancing your care away, you would wake up to realise that this island has it all- from beautiful historical buildings and the incredible vineyards. The east coast with all its beautiful coves and scenery still has plenty of affordable hotels to choose from if you’re on a budget crunch. And the Mallorca island’s main resorts are actually at south west coastline which is fairly quieter in the winter months.

From Valde Cattalina to Valdemossa the quaint picturesque towns with winding streets always provide enough frames to capture those precious moments. Mallorca where the old and the new do not find a just a position but beautifully intermingle should definitely be your next winter gateway.

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