White Water Rafting in New Zealand

New Zealand


Do you hear it? Adventure is calling your name. If you have been dreaming of thrills and chills…. the wait is over. White water rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world. For good reason! There is the thrill of the unexpected. The sound of water all around you. The rush of adrenaline. What could be better? There are many unique destinations to partake in a white water rafting trip. One of the very best is New Zealand. This area is known for its exquisite landscapes (from lush greenery to breathtaking rock formations) and the many places to go rafting. Ready to find out more? To start planning your own action packed getaway? Keep reading. This is your guide to white water rafting in New Zealand.

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The Best Time Of Year To Go White Water Rafting. Timing is everything. Especially when it comes to booking a white water rafting holiday. Weather conditions can affect the intensity of the rapids as well as your overall experience. So be aware before you book. Certain times of year are better than others. Typically, the white water rafting season in New Zealand goes from September to April. (Spring in New Zealand is September to November, summer is December to February, and fall is March to May.) When you go depends largely on what you want. During the spring months? The water is stronger thanks to the melting snow. That makes it an ideal time for true adventure seekers to visit. The summer months are better for families as the water flows are milder. The autumn months can be pleasant as well – but this is when temperatures start to drop.
Noteworthy White Water Rafting Spots In New Zealand. Now you know when to plan your New Zealand trip. What next? Where to go, of course. There are many noteworthy spots to take a white water rafting trip. The Rangitata Valley is one such example. This area is full of natural beauty. In fact, this area was the backdrop to “The Lord Of The Rings” movie trilogy. That makes it an ideal spot for movie buffs and thrill seekers alike. Another great place to raft is at the Shotover. This spot is popular thanks to its close proximity to Queenstown, NZ. That makes it exciting and easy to get to. Other places to consider white water rafting include: The Rangitikei, the Waiau River, and the Mohaka. Day trips are available from all of these locations. Some even offer two or three day adventures. That means it is easy to get exactly what you want.

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Important White Water Rafting Tips. You are almost ready. There are just a few other things to keep in mind before you book your very own white water rafting trip. The first is to consider your skill level. If you are a beginner rafter…. choose a location that has milder rapids. If you are more advanced than make sure you find a river that is a little more challenging. Another tip is to look into the company that you book with. There are many rafting tours available. Make sure all instructors are certified and ensure that safety equipment is supplied to rafters.


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