Visit One Of These Belize Beaches



It is only natural. Most of us spend our time dreaming of endless sunshine and relaxing days at the beach. Whether it is the middle of winter or the beginning of summer…. there is nothing like the fantasy. A beautiful beach in an exotic location. Make that fantasy a reality by spending time in Belize. This country can be found in beautiful Central America. Belize is a must-visit travel spot for many reasons. One of the most significant? It has a magnificent coastline that connects to the Caribbean Sea. That means beaches, beaches, and more beaches. Which are the best? The most popular? Take a look at our list of unforgettable Belize beaches.


The Placencia Peninsula. No list would be complete without the Placencia Peninsula. This is the largest beach in the mainland of Belize. (It stretches across three different villages, the Maya Beach, Seine Bight, and Placencia Village.) Its size alone makes it the most popular beach to visit in Belize. Here you can enjoy white sand, crystal clear water, and large palm trees. Lay out your beach towel, work on your tan, or cool off in the water. Once you’re done? You can make the most of all the extras in the area. There are plenty of restaurants, places to shop, and even a bustling nightlife scene. Whether you want to soak up the sun or let loose…you can.


Ambergris Caye. There is something special about this next Belize beach. Ambergris Caye can be found off the northern part of Belize. It is actually the largest island in the area. This is a beloved spot for tourists to visit thanks to the luxurious atmosphere. Not to mention the breathtaking turquoise water. Visitors here can dive in right off the dock. Or you can unwind on one of the best areas of the beach. They can be found at Ramon’s Village and The Villas at Banyan Bay. (Don’t worry about going near a resort. All of the beaches in Belize are open to the public!) Here you can go snorkelling, fishing, or diving. It is totally up to you how you spend your time at Ambergris Caye. Just make sure you are having a fabulous time.


Hopkins Village Beach. Another standout spot in Belize is Hopkins Village Beach. Here you can learn more about Garifuna culture. How? There are incredible restaurants nearby (serving fantastic local dishes) as well as places to bike ride and people to meet. There is of course, a stunning beach to enjoy as well. The Hopkins Village Beach can be found in the Garifuna village of Hopkins. It stretches on for five miles and offers a world of beauty. Picture palm trees, warm sand, and calm waters. It is the picture of perfection. This beach tends to be a little quieter. That means you can sit back and relax. Uninterrupted.


There is nothing like a day at the beach. It helps us to relax and unwind…and appreciate just how beautiful nature can be. Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Add Belize to your must-visit list.


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