Vacationing at Bristol



Britain is almost always on the top spot when it comes to places that one wants to visit. For many it’s a dream to vacation in Britain, to see what motivated legends like Shakespeare and Wordsworth to give this world such wonders of literature. Britain has many wonders of nature to offer and one such is Bristol. Bristol is the second most populous city, only after London in the south of Britain. Bristol is full of history and some enchanting places that look like its right out of the fairy tales. Let’s look at where to find these places in Bristol.


Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

For visitors who’d like to know more about the history of Bristol, this is a must visit. Under one roof, this place displays has about 19 galleries spread over 3 floors and showcases some great work of art, fascinating cultures and history of Bristol, ancient civilization, archeology and many more. The collection is not limited to Bristol alone and it spans to include the world as a whole. The ground floor shows some great civilizations such as the Egyptian and the Assyrian. The first floor has geological galleries, fossils, minerals and dinosaur related galleries. The third floor has art galleries.


Clifton Suspension Bridge

Opened way back in the 19th century, this is a suspension bridge which connects Bristol to North Somerset. It has some breath taking views and been a venue that organizes events such as bungee jumping. Major annual events such as Ashton Court festival and Bristol International Baloon Fiesta take place here during which the bridge is closed from traffic.


SS Great Britain

This is a museum ship which was built in the 19th century and was the longest passenger steam ship between 1845 and 1854. This is the top most attraction of Bristol. The museum hosts a wide variety of events round the year. One can explore the inside of the ship and relive the experience of travelling by ships. This ship has travelled around the world   about 32 times over a period of 170 years.



This place is right out of the Victorian era and keeps you spell bound by its garden and sweeping sights. One can rent a room here and enjoy the cuisine made with fresh vegetables that are grown for captive consumption in their own gardens. If one wants to feel royal, then we insist you indulge in Tyntesfield.


St Mary’s Redcliffe Church

For that spiritual touch to the tour, we suggest that you visit the St. Mary’s Redcliffe Church. An 800 year old gothic structure with beautiful stain glass paintings and sculptures is situated on the red cliffs. Open at all seasons from 8.30am to 5.00pm.


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