The Twelve Apostles of Victoria Coast

Victoria Coast

Do you love the sea? Are you bored of going to the traditional beach spots for luxury every year? Fret no more because the Twelve Apostles of Victoria Coast in Australia are here to brighten up your yearly travel routine.


The famous rugged and dramatic limestone towers which are located at the windswept coastline of the Great Ocean Road provide you a thoroughly invigorating experience of feeling the waves spray water on your face, hearing the howling winds, witnessing the beautiful spectacle of the sunrise and the ocean water frothing with bubbles.


How were the Twelve Apostles of Victoria Coast formed?

Victoria Coast

The limestone pillars of the Twelve Apostles came into being as one of the nature’s wonders through erosion after being subjected to extremely harsh weather conditions. They had been connected with the mainland cliffs centuries earlier and eventually the rough wind and strong waves carved up the limestone into the shape of the 45 meters tall magnificent columns that they are known as currently.


Still now, the grand arches keep eroding at a rate of two centimeters per year so make sure you plan your trip soon so that you can witness this natural attraction and phenomenon while you are still alive.


Things to do when you are at the Twelve Apostles of Victoria Coast:


  1. Visit the Sow and Piglets Brewery


The Twelve Apostles were formerly known as the Sow and the Piglets which might have inspired Marion Klink and John Moloney to establish the craft brewery of the same name in the local region. The unique thing about brewery is that they try to make the most of the local Australian produce. So, the next time you go to the Twelve Apostles, make sure you visit this quaint café and enjoy the Wagyu steaks alongside the seasonal beers made using yoghurt, blackberries and strawberries.


2. 12 Apostles Flight Adventure from Torquay

Tourists often feel disappointed after visiting the Twelve Apostles of Victoria Coast because they feel that the ground view doesn’t quite do justice to the stunning beauty of this place. Just book a 12 Apostles Flight Adventure from Torquay and all your complaints would vanish in an instant. Not only would you be able to see the extensive coastline, but also the Otway National Park and the Bay of Islands near London Bridge.

  1. Check out the cheese production at Apostle Whey Cheese


If you are a cheese lover, you can’t just miss out on the trip to the award-winning Apostle Whey Cheese where the owners produce cheese with high protein and butter fat levels. Tourists can go to this establishment and take part in the free cheese tastings and also see the steps in which cheese is manufactured through sustainable farming.


Things to keep in mind before visiting the Twelve Apostles:


  • Carry sunscreen as the temperatures can reach soaring high during the day
  • Pack mosquito and insect repellants to avoid allergies
  • The heavily forested area of Victoria Coast is fire prone so acquaint yourself with fire safety procedures before booking your plane ticket


Take in all the beauty that you can at the Twelve Apostles and come back home re-energized.

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