Travel Advice to the Highest Altitude Cusco


All About Cusco:

It is one of the most exciting places in South America. It is also a beautiful city built according to the indigenous styles and the modern western world .Because of this contrast it has given this city a rare beauty. This city was also called as “Navel of the world. This city is at a greater altitude. People often have mountain sickness when they arrive by plane, so after arriving one must take rest for a day or two in order to adjust to the high altitude. Spanish is the main language in this city. The Peruvian Nuevo sol commonly called sol is national currency.


Tourism is growing faster in this city because of the Museums, Walking tour, Churches, Monuments and nightlife. If you want entertainment, fine food, great coffee and awesome shopping there is no better place than Cusco.

This place has a lot to offer the visitors.Most travellers usually end up falling in love with this vibrant city and stay longer than usually planned.

Places Where Tourist Can Visit in Cusco:                

The first thing the visitors get attracted is the Inca walls. These intricately constructed Inca walls are the foundations of today’s Cusco, some of the best places to see the Inca Walls are along the streets of Loreto and Haturumiyoc.The curved end of Santo Domingo church is also built of Inca stone work.


Sacred Valley: A day through the Sacred Valley is a must. It is simply beautiful. The tour includes visits to the following sites: the famous Pisac, traditional market, Ollantaylambo village, Incaruins, church and chinchero plaza.

MachuPicchu: It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a trip to serenity. It is also a greatest marvel of South America and also along with the sightseeing enjoy the comfort of the best Machu Picchu Hotels.

Inkajungle trek is a hair raising adrenaline pumping tour which captures the majestic power of Machu Picchu along with different variety of sports and unbelievable trekking, Downhill mountain biking,Ziplines,raging rivers, walking along lost Inca trails before reaching the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Visit the highest navigable Lake Titicaca and explore the Uros floating Islands.

White Christ: On a hill overlooking the city of Cusco is the statue known as White Christ of Cristo Blanco. It resembles the statue at Rio de Janeiro Brazil. This statue is lit at night which is an incredible sight.It can be seen from the city.


Cusco has excellent night life and many pubs and discos offer free tickets on the Plaza of Armas.This Plaza changes into a market where typical clothes, souvenirs and artisan are sold. MAMAAFRICA is a best club in town among the tourists and locals. Other popular bars and clubs include Real McCoy, & Angelitos, Groove, Mythology and the Frogs. The lively bars cater to the enthusiastic crowds of young and old.

This city has a great variety of restaurants which caters to every taste and budget. There is good and inexpensive Restaurant to suit everyone’s budget.

After returning from Macho Picchu, you can enjoy a spa massage while relaxing and also enjoy the Lares Valley Inca Hot springs Tour.

Do come and enjoy your vacation at this high altitude destination.

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