Toronto, A Fabulous City

Toronto is a multi-cultural diverse city. Toronto is the largest city in Canada. Toronto is fabulous as spoken here. It is found that half of Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada. The Torontonians generally have many fun activities and many more. There are some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs that are found here. Many eclectic festivals take place here. Toronto is an entertaining city, featuring the latest musical and other performing arts and the historic Distillery district.

Toronto is ice hockey country. It’s a home to the Hockey Hall of fame, which makes it a must see attraction for visitors who love this exciting sport.


Toronto is famous for its liveliest music and nightlife scenes in the world. It has the biggest touring acts and renowned arts producers organized at the major venues. There are a variety of music styles that gets you moving. There won’t be a trouble for finding the similar crowd of your types. Toronto’s nightlife is varied as the crowd it attracts. There are options to suit every mood of the peoples. It starts from the Vegas-style lounges to after-hours nightclubs to relaxed sports bar.

Places to visit in Toronto

CN Tower

This is one of Toronto’s largest and tallest attractions ever.  It is an adventure that is suitable for the adventure lovers. One can gift certificate to ever they want. It is valid for one edge walk at the CN tower. This is one of the tallest urban adventures. This is also famous worldwide for the highest full circle hands free walk. The Canada’s national Tower celebrates a remarkable legacy as iconic landmark.

Ripley’s aquarium

The aquarium provides a world class experience that gives education, conservation and research while providing fun, entertainment and many other things to the locals as well as the tourists of all ages. The aquarium is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, next to the CN Tower and Rogers Centre.   There are about 16,000 aquatic animals. One can discover all of these and also one’s own underwater adventure. The aquarium has the longest underwater viewing tunnel in the world. The aquarium has more than 5.7 million litres of water and over 100 interactive opportunities.

St. Lawrence market

One can find food and history intersect in an enduring way at the Toronto’s historic St. Lawrence market. It is a building of venerable red brick. It was built in the year 1904. Since before this city was established in the 1800s, the St. Lawrence market Neighborhood in old town, Toronto has been a food destination. The Food share Toronto is Canada’s largest food security organization.

Toronto Islands

The Toronto islands are also known as the island or Toronto Island Park. It is located in Lake Ontario. One can take a 13-minutes ferry ride from downtown Toronto. This island is actually a group of 15 different islands. These 15 islands are interconnected by pathways and bridges. One can even walk from one end of the island to the other end.

There are many things to do on this island that the kids and adults of all ages can find something to do or see on the island. There are beautiful swimming beaches with sport facilities like bike, canoe and kayak rentals, a boating marina, and a lot more things. One can walk, run, take their bikes or take a walk with your dog on the island. There is a 200 year old lighthouse present here. The park however is a seasonal place that comes alive in the months of May and stays buzzing until September. The view to the city from the island is gorgeous and the island is nothing less than beautiful. It is a photographer’s paradise. The best part is that the islands have garbage bins and also recycling bins to keep the grounds free of the garbage.

High Park is for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors. Toronto’s largest public park has hiking trails, a playground for children, gardens and a zoo; it also has a waterfront since it is on Grenadier Pond filled with ducks and other marine birds. Visitors who prefer more activity than walking the nature trails has an option for outdoor swimming pool, baseball diamonds and tennis court. A maple leaf made up of flowers or other vegetation is considered the parks most famous landmark.

Day trips: the Niagara Falls day trip from Toronto is a must to do. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Canada and it’s only an hour and a half way. This tour includes hotel pickup ad drop-off, transport to Niagara Falls, a boat ride at the base of the falls, buffet lunch, a whirlpool Rapids observation deck and a stop at the beautiful town of Niagara on the lake.

You’ll never run out of things to do in Toronto, Especially exciting attractions, live performance, major league sports and a festival for nearly everyone.

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