Top 7 Destinations in Germany for North American Self-Drive Tourists


Drive through these places in Germany and feel like a king!

Yes, exploring a place via a bus or a rental car is nice and often gets the job done of sight-seeing, however, you know what is even better? Driving yourself! Germany is a beautiful nation and there is no doubt in anybody’s mind about that. And it is a thriving tourist destination. So, the fact that there is a tonne of options regarding conveyance is also no surprise.

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But if you like driving and you already hold a US driver’s license then you could rent a car and drive around this nation like a boss and make n unforgettable road trip happen! It is satisfying and honestly it will make memories that much stronger. So, with everything said and done let us take a look at the seven destinations in Germany where it feels out of the world to drive.

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  1. Munich: Munich is the Bavarian capital. It also boasts of being in possession of some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and some very beautiful heritage sites. It is nothing short of a treat to drive through the scenic landscapes and soak in all the gothic architectures and castles and ever resplendent Bavarian Alps which invokes awe and surreal disbelief. To be behind the wheels yourself while you scour the story book villages and pose for pictures just makes everything that much more memorable.Germany _4
  2.  Frankfurt: who hasn’t grown up having some knowledge of the Grimm brothers’ fairytales? If you are one of those lucky souls, then come spring, summer or fall, you are going to have a gala time driving through almost 370 miles of pure magic which is the Fairy Tale Road in Germany. It is probably one of the scenic drives in the country getting its name from the fairy tale like background and replete with towering cathedrals and castles which look mysterious and magical. And if you are more inclined to wines, then there is of course the wine route with 53 miles stretching across palatinate countryside. And of course there is also the romantic roads perhaps the most alluring tourist attraction in Germany with quaint Bavarian villages which take you back in time.
  3. Berlin: the importance of Berlin in German history is indisputable and today it hosts centres of thrilling monuments, historic attractions and what not.Germany _4
  4. Dusseldorf: Dusseldorf is easily the heart of German fashion and advertising. With a very enthralling energy, intoxicating nightlife and a happening shopping scene complete with fun carnivals and trade fairs, this is one place which is also the gateway to several other beautiful places like Belgium and Netherlands.
  5. Hamburg: with so much exploring potential that Hamburg offers it can easily be the epitome of your European rod trip.Germany _5
  6. Stuttgart: this is a hub of incredible architecture, dining, culture and art of Germany. It also hosts the CannstatterVolksfest which is toned down version of the traditional Oktoberfest.Germany _6
  7. Nuremberg:known globally for red beer which tastes malty and those exquisite maze of sandstone dunes, this is one of the most accessible driving location of Germany, nestled cosily between Munich and Frankfurt.

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