Gujarat is a popular tourist destination. It is one of the largest states in India with scenic beauty, historical monuments, remnants of ancient civilizations and picturesque beaches. Apart from that traveler visiting Gujarat also get to enjoy the unique folk dances and absolutely lips smacking dishes of the state.

There are some amazing places to visit in this state along with diverse attractions such as handicrafts, architecture, temples and wildlife.

Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat was declared to be India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City. Beating both Delhi and Mumbai. Visit to Gujarat is a must in the bustling metropolis that is modern day Ahmedabad. Being the administrative capital of the state, Ahmedabad has headquarters of all the major government offices in Gujarat. There are many historical sites including the Sabarmati Ashram and the Hathisingh Jain temple. There are some lovely lakes to relax and of course it has got the best shopping centre in the state.

Gujarat is one of the longest coastlines in the country. It is sprinkled with enthralling beach resorts, shore temples and blue lagoons. Gujarat is a home to some of the finest stretches of beaches in the country. List of beaches in Gujarat are Mandvi Beach- Kutch, Somnath Beach – Somnath, Ahmedpur Mandvi near Somnath, Chorwad Beach near Somnath and beaches near Jamnagar.


In Gir National Park Asiatic lions are found. Because of the conservation team efforts, their numbers have been increased. There’s plenty of other wildlife there, including 300 species of birds. It is one of the largest domains of the ferocious Asiatic Animals. Gir National park is a sparkling diamond Jewels of Gujarat.

Dwarka is one of the four most sacred Char Dham Hindu pilgrimage sites and seven most ancient Spata Puri religious cities in India. Dwarka is the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna and the first capital of Gujarat. The Krishna Janmashtami festival is a major event here. You will find decorated camels, tea stalls and seashell jewellery sellers once you go down the Gomti Ghats.

Somnath is an important pilgrimage destination. Its seaside location is powerful. The intricate carvings on its sandstone are beautiful. On kartlik Purnima they celebrate a colourful religious fair where small children are dressed up as Lord Shiva. People also enjoy drinking plenty of bhang.

Saputara means “Abode of Serpents”. It is situated on a densely forested plateau on top of the Sahayadri range. A hill station has been developed as a tourist destination. Hotels are built around a large lake.  Boat club, tribal museum; cable car and artist village is also seen. It is a popular weekend getaway especially during the monsoon season when it’s misty there.

The Rann of Kutch is a remarkable place to visit in Gujarat. White Salt Desert in Great Rann Of Kutch is a magical place. The salt desert is underwater during monsoon season .It’s a huge stretch of land packed with salt. One can enjoy a camel ride here or else a long walk is enough to get one all excited. Watching the sun go down is the best thing to do here.

Activities like Camel safari, Jeep Safari, Rock Climbing, Trekking and Water Activities are famous in Gujarat.

The cuisine of Gujarat displays its uniqueness in the innovative use of various ingredients. Famous items are Khandvi, Dokhla and Khadi etc.

If you are trying to narrow down your choices of what to do in Gujarat then these places will help you.