Things to do in SIEM REAP

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Many tourist and travelers come to Cambodia solely to visit the Angkor Wat temple, one the most attracted places in the Southeast Asia.

  • Angkor Wat

Constructed in the 12th century by Khmer people, Angkor Wat is also known as “Temple city”. UNESCO World heritage site of Angkor Wat still is the primary attraction of siem reaps. It is known for its complex architecture. The sunrise of Angkor wat is the most beautiful thing which cannot be missed. It has been converted to a Buddhist temple.

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  • Baloon Ride Over Angkor Wat

Private travels provide a short as well as long ride 600ft above the Angkor Wat, where you can see the vastness of the temple and the beauty and the complexity of it at a different level. These balloon rides are also provided from the Angkor gate as well as from the airport to Angkor Wat.

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  • Cambodian Cultural Village

It is a theme park cum museum in siem reaps constructed in 2011.It covers a huge area and here they have presented miniature versions of important historical buildings and structures along with their customs. It replicates eleven unique villages and each village showcases their customs and traditions. In each village you can see wooden houses, stone carvings, traditional performances and dances of different styles. Here you can also see their weddings, circus, folk games and many more.

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  • Gibbons And The Great Escape

This for travelers who need a bit of adventure must surely try this tour. In this tour the travels pick up to the Angkor Archaeological Park, where they train you how to use the zip line equipment and then the tour starts. Touring the jungle on a zip line can also give you an opportunity to meet the wild gibbons and also learn the flora and fauna. They also break for meal from the Khmer locals.

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  • Ride Cambodia

Travelers who love a motorbike ride can opt for this tour wherein they are provided with specialist delivering dirt bike. Cambodia is a home for some finest adventure riding terrain in the world. You will ride through jungles, rivers, ancient temples, camps on uninhabited islands, ride through sandy beaches and many more exciting things to see and experience. Need adventure, then must take up this tour, to explore the flora and fauna.

  • Sovanna Phum

Sovanna Phum meaning Golden Era is a independent and a khmer association working in the forefront of arts of Cambodia. They encourage the locals to showcase their talents and promote their tradition and culture. Here you can experience the unique performance which include shadow puppet theatre, classical Apsara dance, and folklore and mask dance, threatre, circus, music and many more on every Friday and Saturday nights. You can also purchase the leather puppets, masks, musical instruments and many more.

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  • Museums

Travelers who love history and archeology must visit the Angkor Museum and the Siem Reap War Museum. The Angkor Museum was build in 2007 which contains artifacts thousands years old. The major attraction is the 1000 Buddha all in one large room, made up of wood, jewels, metals and are identified according to their periods. Other attraction here is the story from stones, ancient costumes, Khmer civilization and many more galleries. In Siem Reap museum you can see the history on the wars dated back to the 12th century.

Siem Reap has many more temples, museums and lots of adventures to offer.


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