Things to Do In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, and this dynamic city has enormous things to offer and it’s hard to decide where and what exactly to start first. Let’s discuss the 10 most important things that is a must for any tourist to visit.

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  1. Visit Plaza de Mayo

It is a centerpiece and is this public square is located in front of Casa Rosada or Pink House, is the exclusive seat of the executive branch of government and the office of the President. At the center of the plaza is the piramide de mayo, which commemorates the revolution of May 1810.

  1. Watch and Learn Tango

Tango dance form is originated from Argentina and still thrives there. Buenos Aires move with the rhythms of tango, most liked by the locals and foreign travelers. On Sunday night at milonga in San Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego, where you can see the travelers putting their dance to test.Tango shows is a must to watch.

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  1. Shopping in San Telmo

In Buenos Aires neighborhood is the barrio of San Telmo, with its Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone lanes. On Sundays the Feria de San Pedro Telmo, a huge flee market attracts thousands of tourist to come and bargain

  1. City Bike Tour

To explore the city riding a bike leisurely through the landscapes and the barrios. They provide both North city tour and South city tour. On both the tours they stop to refuel with a cup of revitalizing mate root tea and with alfajor cookies. Few places they ride through are Retiro, Barrio parquet, la Boca and many parks, museum.

  1. La Plata city and Museum Tour

La Plata is the capital province of Buenos Aires, here you can admire the neo-Gothic cathedral. The tour begins with a drive to coast La Plata, a political hub and a thriving university town. Begins with the cathedral is the 58th tallest church in the world, then to Teatro Argentino, the city’s lyric opera house and it covers many more museums in the city.

  1. Gaucho Festival in Mataderos

Feria Mataderos the well-known festival has being celebrated more than 25yrs .The fair is held in barrio of Mataderos where all the tradition come in. They have more than 300 stalls where they cater to things from cheese, bread, handicrafts and many more. They have their traditional foods and drinks are served their too.

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  1. Night Club Hopers

Argentina is known to be part goers and club dancers have gained attention throughout the world. Here the clubs are opened all days and pushes till the sunrise.

  1. Festivals All Round

In Buenos Aires hosts festivals all year round like festival of Jazz, music, books, tango, food, theater and many more. Even the government encourage these festivals and has devoted a page of festivals on their website.

  1. Argentina Cooking Experience

They provide classes for the tourist to learn their traditional cooking, the most popular dishes like steak, alfajores cookies, stuffed pastry and many more.

  1. Safaris

For adventurous travelers, the Kipu Zip line safari allows you to indulge in activities like Kauai zip line, hiking, a hayride, ranch and also motorized canoe.

Thus Buenos Aires is very delightful and very colorful place enriched with tradition and culture.


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