Things to do in Antigua


Antigua is a spectacular city situated in Guatemala surrounded with beautiful scenic valleys and volcanoes. Antigua has recently proven its worth as an ‘ideal’ tourist destination after Prince Harry decided to make his first stop here while on his Caribbean tour.

This is the time for celebration in Antigua for it recently celebrated its 35 years of independence and the entire city rejoiced at the achievement of this milestone in its history.

The city is the home to several mesmerizing beaches of turquoise waters and forms one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The deep green palms forms the main beauty of the inlands, and it keeps on stretching all the way to its coast.


Welcoming weather all year long

Tourists can easily tour and enjoy visiting the Antigua city all year long for its weather remains around 27 Celsius even during winters. The twisty and steep highways which lead the roadway to Antigua will take you past small and packed homes which seem like boxes made of rebar and red bricks.

The smaller towns in Antigua seem to be rejoicing all year long with the sounds of calypso and reggae emanating from bars and shops. This Guatemalan city offers its tourists with innumerable attractions and enticements which people can enjoy all year long. Why the road journey is considered special?

That’s because of the cobblestone streets which reflect a nostalgic old world charm, and the bouncing and jostling of the car offers the tourists a unique and exclusive experience.

Best lodging option

Amongst the various lodging options available here one resort which as certainly earned its name as of the best is Ocean Point Resort and Spa. It is centrally located in St. John’s city and the pretty beautiful painted bungalows are situated around lovely private beaches.

The rooms reflect the Mediterranean style and charm, and have been decorated in hues of yellow and terracotta articles. Blue and white diamond shaped patterns are extended to cushions, curtains and linens. The rooms have been strategically designed to overlook the sea or the lush private gardens.

Best of Antigua

A vacation is always incomplete without delectable local food which makes the taste bud rejoice. The local Antiguan cuisine is suitable for people visiting from across the globe as the food is not heavy on spices. Instead, the subtle use of salt and seasoning to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients being used make the dishes likeable and lip smacking.

The best possible way to tour the entire city while enjoying some of the best scenic beauties of nature is through the waters. Sailing on the turquoise blue waters past the mesmerizing hills speckled with fruit trees and gullies bordered by coconut palms offers for a unique experience.

The list doesn’t end here, while sailing through the crystal clear waters tourist will also be able to catch a glimpse of famous personalities like Eric Clapton and Silivio Berlusconi. The cruise ships offer the best local food onboard including a lunch of barbequed fish, chicken, veggies, and salads. This city will certainly offer you with a memorable and perfect Caribbean experience, you’ll never forget.

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