Things to Do and See at Santorini



Santorini has a unique magical island evolved from the devastating series of catastrophic volcanic eruption over the years thus resulting in the steep cliffs, beaches with black, red and white pebbles and the beautiful view of the ocean.

Santorini is also known as “crown jewel of Greece” and is the most popular and romantic destination in the world. Its overwhelming landscape and the oceanic views drive the tourist towards them. It has two principal towns the Fira and The Oia. Here are few things which you should not miss in this trip.



It is one of the most beautiful villages of the island with stunning architecture; there are stacks of white building in narrow streets, blue domed churches, with colorful doors and sun bathed verandas. This village is known for its quite life and the beautiful sunset. Oia is situated in the north of the island. It has cultural attractions like the Maritime Museum and art galleries.



Fira is the capital city of this island and is situated in the west coast opposite the volcano. It is known for its cultural and commercial centre. It is a shopping hub and the greatest dining out and entertainment attracting tourism. In kontochori you can view the outdoor summer cinema and in the Ormos the old port at the bottom of the Caldera cliffs in Fira, has restaurants, taverns and small shops and you can also go for a walk down 600 stone steps.


These tours help you to explore the volcanic wines which you can taste too. In this tour you would visit three traditional wineries and then enjoy tasting the volcanic wine. Here travelers are given the facts about the unique viticulture and the grape varieties. This is a half day trip and can be taken up from any tour operators.



If you are in the lookout for adventurous tour you can explore the Mesa Gonia , Pyrgos and Emborio. These tours provide hiking along with historical and cultural information. Here they let you to explore villages destroyed by earthquake, mansions and rural houses with their stories. Discovering cave houses and the amazing lifestyle of the island will give you the true essence of this village. The path is all cobbled up with stone paths and ancient steps.



Though the archaeological site at Ankrotiri is closed you still can visit the Ancient Thira an excavation site. You can do a lot of exploring here and the tour will help you to identify different structures like the temples, houses, market and many more. They have the famous numerous larger than life statues of youths that were built during the 7th century BC.Santorini_4


It is the most common site you can see here. As the paths are steep and long from the harbor to the city, the only mode of transport is the donkey ride. The locals use them to carry stuffs up and down the pathways.

Apart from these cultural and historical sites, there is the famous Kamari beach and red beach. You can also enjoy their local cuisines.



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