Least Visited Place

Places that get visited by a lot of tourist can get annoying. Large crowds, high costs, high levels of commercialization, local culture changing to accommodate the tourist etc. We have seen some of the most visited countries in the world; it’s time to share a bit of the limelight on the least visited place around the world. Not every nation can be France or Spain.

Here are some of the places that require tourist attraction:

Tuvalu is likely the least visited country in the world. A peaceful country, Tuvalu has no army and no politics parties. However it does have all the white sand beaches, turquoise waters and emerald forests you could ever want. Diving and snorkelling are the main activities to do on this tropical paradise. The group of island consist of 9 different coral atolls and a large number of different reefs, if you want to be the one to say that you have visited the world least country you may have to do it sooner. Due to the low altitude of the island Tuvalu is at serious risk of sinking under rising sea levels. Tourism is not properly developed in Tuvalu because of its connectivity. There are some irregular and expensive flights from Fiji to land in Tuvalu

World Least Visited Place , Mauritania has tourism hubs Senegal and Morocco on either side, but the distance involved in getting here from either country are prohibitive. It lacks conveniences such as working Atm’s, which many travellers are used to. Mauritania is most famous for its dunescape.

World Least Visited Place Nunavut: it is Canada’s largest and northernmost territory. Few people have heard about Nunavut. Very few venture into this otherworldly place. Life here is difficult, food is costly and hard to get and practically no roads. All travel must be done by air. Nunavut is a pristine landscape full of icebergs, glaciers and fjords. At least 50 percent of polar bears in the world are found in Nunavut. Anyone wishing to experience the arctic foxes and Narwhals visit the Auyuittuq National Park. Visit Nunavut to challenge yourself. Visiting Nunavut can be a life changing experience indeed.

World Least Visited Place  Niue: Niue is a tiny island nation located in the Pacific. Additionally it is one of the least populated and least visited countries. It has many of the small island nations on this list. Niue is a difficult destination to get too. The small airport is served by only Auckland in New zealand and flights are expensive. Niue is a very beautiful island. The coastal scenery is amazing and it is highly recommended to take a boat tour around the island to view the cliff and limestone arches. Matapa Chasm is a famous snorkelling and diving spot. A natural pool is surrounded by cliffs and large boulders. It is a safe and fabulous spot to swim and snorkel.


Bhutan: a lot of amazing, unexplored mountains. If you’re a fan of hiking and you have enough money to afford it, Bhutan is the place for you. Bhutan is a Buddhist country .There are many breathtaking temples and monasteries hidden deep in the beautiful mountains.

Sao Tome and Principe, the least visited place: Like a few other on the list, many people don’t know that this beautiful piece of land exist. The country’s own slogan is: A well kept secret” with stunning colonial architecture, amazing fish dishes, the best place in the world for whale watching, mountains, beaches and heart warming hospitality. They also claim to have the world best dark chocolate.

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