Afghanistan is known to be rich in tradition, history and natural beauty. There are green valley and rugged high desert plateaus, majestic mountains and desert plains. It is a landlocked and languishing at the crossroads of south and central Asia. Afghanistan has been carved and altered by countless people. In Afghanistan there are places where tourists are safe.

What attracts people to Afghanistan is its diverse landscape from mountain to deserts to lakes.

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and the country’s largest city. Kabul is existing for the last 3500 years. Some of the city’s attractive sites are the Abdul Rahman Mosque, the Afghan national Museum and the historic park and Gardens of Babur. The Rahman Mosque has been reconstructed and built in a traditional Islamic architectural style with 14 domes and two minarets.


Faizabad is Located on the northern part of Afghanistan. Faizabad road connectivity was very bad. Part of the historic architecture is in ruins but others forts, mosque and shrines are still intact and tell the history of the region. At present business is still carried on in the two markets in Faizabad. Trading in items like cotton cloth and cutlery and provisions like tea, sugar and salt are carried on.

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Let your inner adventurer shine at Qargha Reservoir, where your only obligation is to have fun. It was built in 1933. A dam stands tall here, throwing shade in the surrounding vegetation. The body of water the dam created provides the perfect spot for recreational activities. So you can go surfing, swimming or boating during your visit. You can also enjoy your picnic on the shore or go golfing at a nearby course.

Bagh-e-Babur Kabul–the blooming gardens. The garden contains the tomb of King Babur the founder of this lush complex. Rose, wild cherries and cypresses represent only a portion of what you can see here. Many festival takes place within the park, but you can also take a stroll have a picnic or read a book on the lawn. Go to the highest point of the gardens for a full view of the city.

Friday Mosque stands out because of its colourful, tiled walls which remain a masterpiece in the art of creating and applying mosaics. Completed in the 15 Th centuries, the mosque serves as major place of worship for the local population and an interesting tourist site for visiting foreigners. Most visitors gain access through the eastern side of the building, which features a richly detailed fascades designed to praise Allah. Dress modestly, remove your shoes at the entrance and don’t forget to ask for permission if you wish to take photos.

The Kabul Zoo is a popular place for Kabulis in need of recreation. Western animals lovers might find it more than a little depressing. Visitors are greeted by a bronze statue of Marjan the Lion, the Zoos most celebrated animal. The zoo sits on the Deh Mazang roundabout, in front of the newly rebuilt Traffic Police Headquarters.

Buzkashi game involves lots of men on horseback and one dead goat. To score a point you must grab the dead goat on your horse and take it to the other team’s territory. It draws thousands of fans. The game is like a glorified polo where one must capture the flag. It is a very intense and toughest game on earth.

The Netherlands is the country of cheese, Germany the country of Beer and Brazil is known for its amazing rain forest. So Afghanistan is the place for the most breathtaking mountains, preserved nature and endless outdoor beauty. Some regions are not visited by anyone. It has remained untouched for years like the hidden lakes and unclaimed mountains.

Afghanistan will one day be famous as “El Dorado” for nature lovers.