Zambales, mango festival

Zambales is a province located in the LUZON region. It is the second largest province in this area. Zambales is well known place especially connected with nature. Zambales is a perfect place if you like relaxing on the beach, hiking mountainous region or exploring other picturesque tourist spots. There are some beautiful views in this area. There are plenty of natural wonders to check out, you can see the view from the top of a mountain, explore breathtaking beaches and even some architecture in the area.

Some of the famous tourist spots are;

Potipot Island: It is one of the best places to visit in Zambales, a favourite beach camping destination among local and tourist. It is a small island with gradually sloping fine and cream white sand beach and crystal clear waters. This island is a paradise for beach lovers who just want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Plunge underwater to see shipwreck or get on a Yatch: Enjoy some water sports since the area is full of beaches, this area are blessed with plentiful dive spots. There are a lot of water sports in the area that you can take part. You can rent a banana boat, a jet ski or a kayak to explore the waters or if you prefer a high percentage point, you can go parasailing over the water. Subic is one of the locations that you should explore. It is one of the most diving spots in the province for its picturesque views and open sea.

Zambales, Philippines

Mango festivals: there are festivals across the entire province all throughout the year, but the mango festival in lba is quite famous. This festival began in 1999 and it is held for three days during each spring in the capital city of Zambales. There is also mango eating competition that you can take part if you’d like.

They have accommodations, restaurants and sports bar with direct access to the beach, where there are a lot of activities. Tourist can enjoy. When they go to stay with them not only will you have a cosy Kubo or aircon to go back to at night but you will also have access to ocean view dinning and drinks steps from the beach, thus the stay becomes very exciting , relaxing and refreshing.

Zambales, Philippines 2

Activities are divided into group activities, land activities and water activities like snorkelling, swimming in the ocean, beach volley ball, chill axing, bonfire on the beach, camping on the beach, scuba diving, surfing, skim boarding, snorkelling and fitness camp.

Food to try: one of the food that Zambales is most known for it mangoes specially the sweet Elena mango. In fact this mango has been called the sweetest mango in the world and it still holds the world record. Deserts, intriguing cocktail drinks and fresh mangoes thirst quenchers are prepared from these Zambales mangoes.

Economy depends mainly on its tourism industry because of its natural attractions like white sand beaches, coves, islands and famous mountains.