Tech Gifts for Travelers

Tech Gifts for Travelers

Technology used at home cannot be carried on the road because of its bulkiness, too heavy and feel sometimes helpless when you’re away from a speedy internet connection. The travel friendly tech in this gift guide can save your favourite frequent flier some stress on their next trip. The hardest part about buying tech gifts for travelers is finding something they don’t already have. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an avid traveler who always has their gadgets and battery packs ready to go, it can be tough to find something they haven’t already bought for themselves.

 Here are wows worthy presents for the tech obsessed travelers in you r life.

Mophie Wireless Charge Force Power station: Now a day’s wires are dying a slow death. There was the iPhone getting rid of the headphone jack two generation ago and now any new phone worth its weight in glass can be charged wirelessly with a technology that carries the vaguely mystical sounding name of “Qi”.  All you need to do is place your iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung S8+ or other wireless enabled smartphone on the brick, press a button and you’re good to go. No more realizing you bought your power bank but forgot that Stone Age USB cord.

The Boa Squeeze is billed as a lightweight laptop backpack, thanks to its sleek, curved design. Clad in black and water resistant, it’s nicely padded to soften any collision between your gear and your back. I especially like that the inside is lined with a super soft ivory nylon that makes it easier to spot the greater you’ve stashed inside. Travellers using the Boa squeeze bag to carry expensive gadgets will be happy to know that it comes with a Terralinq number which can be used to track the bag if it ever gets lost.

Transcend 1TB Store jet: The best tech gift you can give a traveler is plenty of good memories to take home. The second best gift is a lot of hard drive space on which to store those memories. A larger external hard drive is a fantastic tech gift for travelers. The Transcend 1 TB store jet is a sturdy option for travel. It has been tested to withstand shocks.

Fitbits are great for tracking, but chances are, your favourite tech savvy, fitness oriented traveler already has one. However you can still treat them to a new band that will help them personalize their Fitbit. A stylish and relatively inexpensive replacement band is available to suit every style from a classic leather band to something colourful and metallic.

SCOSCHE magic mount: when it comes to staying fully charged any tech loving travelers knows it’s impossible to have too many phone chargers. Buy the ultimate road trip gift with this wireless and magnetic charger that fits every car. When paired with a magnetic case, it’s easy to just stick to your phone to the mount and drive. No need to worry that those things might not be plugged in correctly. Before you buy see that your gift recipient’s phone is capable of wireless charging.  Any Samsung Galaxy that is S6 or newer are capable, however iPhone owners will need the right case or accessory to use a wireless chargers.

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