Take a Trip to the Exotic Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands



The most famous wildlife watching destination in the world is the Galapagos Islands. The Theory of evolution by Charles Darwin’s was based on the observations made on the Galapagos Island; so much is its diversity. It is impossible to exaggerate the sheer spectacle of the place as it is a haven for wildlife and utopia for nature-lovers. Only in this island one can get very close to the wild animals without the fear of you being posed as a threat to them.

Animals, though unique are not the only attraction here, you also get to see nature at its best. Just imagine the stark volcanic landscape lapped by chilled, brilliant blue water, something that makes you ready to pack up right!

Some of the experience one would never forget after a trip to the Galapagos Islands

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  1. Coming Nose-To-Nose with a Curious Sea Lion

The whiskery sea lions will swim right up to the snorkelers, while examining the new arrival, before diving under and over in the swift loop. Do not approach the animals unless they come to you is a rule of the island. This is not an issue with the inquisitive sea lions

  1. Sailing alongside A Spy hopping Killer Whale

The incredible sight of the Whales and Dolphins who poke their heads and upper bodies out of the water to get a view of the world is an incredible sight from the boat cruise.

  1. Collecting a letter from Post Office Bay

An odd collection of wind-blasted and scrawled signs is a strange sight on the sandy shores of Florien Island. This is the Post Office Bay where whalers would leave messages for family and loved one to be picked up by ships on their way home.

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  1. Becoming Completely Blasé about Giant Tortoises

There are only two places in the earth where Giant tortoises are found one is the Seychelles and the other is the Galapagos Islands. These can be seen as much as you would see a herd of cows back home.

  1. Being Snorted At By a Marine Iguana

These prickly marine iguanas are dragon like creatures which are found clustered together on the rocks, trying to warm the cold blood by catching the rays of the sun.

  1. Diving With the Sharks

The Galapagos Islands are the perfect places to dive amongst the placid reef sharks and hammerheads that patrol this marine reserve

  1. Snorkeling With Turtles and Rays

One need not dive to witness the wealth of wildlife under the surface of the sea. Just grab your wetsuit, strap on a snorkel and swim with languid green sea turtles and cruising rays

  1. Visiting the Most Northerly Penguins in the World

The Galapagos penguins are the second smallest penguins in the world which look clumsy pottering around the rocks, but become tiny bullets as soon as they get into water.

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  1. Sniggering At Boobies

The blue-footed bobby is one of the most iconic species with bright blue feet. It is said that the bluer the bobby’s feet, the more attractive the male would be.

  1. Clambering To the Top of the Sierra Negara Volcano

The Sierra Negara volcano reaches an altitude of 1124 meters which is located on Isabella Island. It is one of the largest on the Galapagos Island and can be reached by hike or horse ride along the black or red lava fields.

  1. Getting Creeped Out by the Wall of Tears

The Wall of Tears is a 25-metre-tall stone wall which stands quite in the middle of nowhere. This was constructed between 1945 and 1959 by convicts where the locals say that the wall emits strange cries as they were forced to work day and night



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