In the earlier days Taiwan was named Illha Formosa (The beautiful Isle) for a reason. Taiwan is said to be carpeted in a spectacularly colourful and mountainous landscape. You can climb one of Taiwan’s hundreds of 3000m peaks touching the clouds, relax on the shores of its expansive coastline or taste world-class food in one of its bustling cities. Taiwan is also cheap compared to comparable destinations such as Japan or South Korea. In Taiwan you can criss cross mountains hike trails or cycle alone on a highway with the blue pacific on one side and green volcanic arcs on the other side.

Following activities will ensure you experience Taiwan on a deep and meaningful level.

Hot springs are believed to raise energy levels while treating chronic fatigue, eczema and arthritis. In Taiwan there are over 150 hot springs. So whatever is your preference there is an option for you. Some hot springs are separated by gender. At more extensive hot springs resorts and facilities you’ll find a large range of water temperatures, showerheads and water massages. The perfect way to spend a cold, rainy and winter day is the hot springs.

The mountain town of Jinguashi is famous Gold Ecological Park, where visitors can learn about the history of gold mining in the region and marvel at one of the original tunnels. You can touch and feel one of the largest gold bars in the world weighing in at 222 kg at the museum.


Yin Yang Sea is situated beside the golden waterfall. The sea is a contrast of golden yellow water at the bay and the sparkling blue water from the endless sea.

Shi Fen Waterfall the cascading waterfall is labelled the Nigara Falls of Taiwan being the largest natural waterfall along Pingxi line. This place has a calming effect as you gaze upon the deity sculpture along the waterfall. To better your experience get yourself beverages from the cafe at Level 2 as you enjoy the natural rhythmic beats of the waterfall.

Taiwan offers the gamut of Chinese cuisines, some of the best Japanese and a full house of local specialities from Tainan milkfish and Taipei beef noodles to indigenous barbecues wild boar. The night market of Taiwan is quite an experience. From the best known Shilin Night Markets to Tainan Flowers Night Markets, these open air festivals of sound, smell and taste takes place on different nights around the island.

Night markets around the island serve endless feast of snacks including stinky tofu, steamed dumplings, oyster omelettes, shrimps rolls and shave ice, and when you are thirsty juices from the freshest local fruits, local craft beer and aromatic teas and in Asia’s best gourmet coffee is served.

Unique place to stay in Taiwan: we travel overseas to get a unique experience that we would never be able to get at home. So why not make you trip more interesting as you can from start to finish. These unique places in Taiwan will spice up your vacation making it one of the most exciting overseas experiences. Why stay in a boring and expensive hotel when you could surround yourself with beautiful wall murals in your room or even realistic medieval decoration. You will be able to experience for yourself the creativity and artistry of the Taiwanese.

Sun Moon Lake Yuchi: famed for its sparkling blue waters set against a mountainous backdrop and also one of Taiwan’s largest water body. Hike the surrounding trail which leads to interesting sites like a Chinese style pagoda, Thao villages and a grand temple. A boat tour takes you to visit Lalu Island which aboriginal locals consider it a sacred place. The area around the lake comes to life during festivities, which include laser shows, concerts and firework.

Go to a Baseball Game: Don’t miss the experience of  a Taiwan baseball game of you’re visiting during the appropriate time of the year, the crowd will keep you riveted throughout the game, jumping and cheering, celebrating each innings. Attending any sports activity but in particular a baseball game is also a great way to feel a surge of pride on Taiwan, your host country while connecting with the local culture.

City Inn Hotel Plus is from the same branch as City Inn Hotel III. Its interiors are totally different with bright wall murals in its rooms. The main aim of the hotel is to make rooms with a creative, artistic look, so each room has been uniquely painted. It’s also in close proximity to Taichung station, so commuting is extremely convenient.

One of the best parts about travelling to Taiwan is having the opportunity to discover the island’s unique and vibrant culture.