10 Things to Do When Visiting Spain

Known for its bullfights, flamenco dance form and amazing beaches, Spain is one of Europe’s oldest countries. Spain is located in the south-western part of Europe. This European country shares its borders with Portugal, France and Andorra. The capital of Spain is Madrid which is also its largest city. Spain enjoys a temperate and Mediterranean…

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DirBit Travel Guide: SANTIAGO

Santiago is a capital of chile, the 5th largest city in South America.  It is one of the most modern cities on the continent. CHILE is considered as SWITZERLAND of the south not only because of its mountainous terrain but also of its efficiency. Santiago is often praised for its idyllic location surrounded by snow-capped…

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Travel Destinations

7 Epic International Travel Destinations

The traveller’s itch is an insane one, and quenching the thirst is mandatory for a person who has similar genes in their body. Travel destinations across our Mother Earth has varied diversities, something for everyone. Beaches, to mountains, to deserts and manmade islands- name it, and you will find it one corner of this beautiful planet….

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Pack Your Bags, Its Majorca Calling!

This holiday season, cancel all your plans and leave for the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, the Majorca. Situated in the Mediterranean, this island is a part of Spain and offers really exciting recreational activities for tourists from around the globe. Majorca is one of the largest islands in the Balearics. Since it is…

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