The Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean

Introduction: There are mostly more smaller countries in the Caribbean than any other place in the world, with some countries smaller than a large US city, and with a minority of 20,000 inhabitants. The Island has an attractive and sometimes dark history, and with the variety of colonial influences, there is major mix of cultures…

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Spend Your Honeymoon In Ibiza

  The happiest day of your life has been extensively plotted and planned. From the centrepieces to the appetizers…your wedding day will be nothing short of spectacular. What about your honeymoon? You need an unforgettable destination that will compliment that unforgettable ceremony. The answer is simple: choose Ibiza. This island (located in the Mediterranean Sea)…

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Plan The Perfect Majorca Honeymoon

  How long have you been dreaming of it? Warm sand, endless sunshine, and stunning blue water. Stop dreaming. Make it happen! Your honeymoon destination should give you everything you want and more. Which is why it requires careful thought and consideration. Not sure where to go? How to nab your own little piece of…

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New Zealand

White Water Rafting in New Zealand

  Do you hear it? Adventure is calling your name. If you have been dreaming of thrills and chills…. the wait is over. White water rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world. For good reason! There is the thrill of the unexpected. The sound of water all around you. The…

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