Stroget – A Car Free Zone



How heavily do you rely on your car for transportation? Most of us hop into our vehicles and go from point A to point B…even if the in between is a short distance. It is habit! We want to get where we are going. Fast. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are places to slow down. Where you can forget about your car. Enjoy life. One step at a time. One example of that is Stroget. This is a pedestrian friendly – and car free – shopping area in Copenhagen, Denmark. Want to find out more? Plan your own adventure to Stroget? Keep reading. It is time to get inspired by this car free zone.

What You Need To Know. There are many things that make Stroget a unique place to visit. Like the fact that it is a car free area. Stroget has been dubbed the “world’s longest pedestrian street.” Its primary focus is on pedestrians rather than people driving in their cars. This is a refreshing change of pace. Especially given the fact that most of us rely on our cars day in and day out. We rarely leave them behind and just wander. Now you can.


Back in the 60s, Copenhagen started to roll out a pedestrian friendly initiative. This was to counteract all of the extra cars that were on the road. The result? Stroget was turned into a pedestrian zone. This took place in 1962. Ever since, Stroget has been a popular attraction for locals and travellers. Yes, Stroget is truly something special. It is located in the centre of Copenhagen and is 1.1km in length.


How To Spend Your Time.
Planning a trip to Copenhagen? You will most likely wind up spending an afternoon at Stroget. (An estimated 80 000 people visit this shopping centre each day.) It is known for its world famous shopping. That makes it a must visit spot for shopaholics. The great thing about a day at Stroget? There is a great mix of affordable shops and luxury shopping brands. Along with local cafes and restaurants. Needless to say…most of your time here will be spent shopping. And walking. There will definitely be a lot of walking. (Make sure you wear comfortable shoes.) Another option? Go bike riding. You can cycle down the streets and enjoy a stunning view of the area. Not a bad way to check out Stroget.


Standout Shops In Stroget. There are tons and tons of shops to visit. High end, fast-fashion, chain stores, souvenir stores, and everything in between. There are plenty of food options available as well. Like the DØP (which specializes in organic hot dogs), Conditori La Glace (which is loaded with tasty cakes and baked goods), and Café Norden (where you can grab a bite to eat and a cup of coffee).


When it comes to shopping? You have your pick of stores. Some of the standout shops include: Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store, Illums Bolighus, Louis Vuitton, Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen, Mulberry, the Lego Store, the Disney Store, Gucci, Birger Christensen, House of Amber, Levi’s, Pandora, SAND COPENHAGEN, and Emporio Armani. See? The possibilities are endless.


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