Solo Traveling: Trips That Touch the Soul!

Solo Traveling

There is nothing more heartwarming than the joy of traveling solo. It takes one on a path of self discovery like never before. Solo traveling may have a different perspective for a woman when compared to a man. Not just the travel essentials, but also how the entire trip is planned and executed.

It takes one to clap and two to make noise. Apply the same theory when you plan a trip on your own. Go for solo travelling! Find the unknown and be brave to indulge in self company.

Few things to not forget:

Ever felt the need to run away from everything and every responsibility in your life and just pick up your backpack and take off? Undoubtedly planned trips are good but unplanned ones are any day better. For a woman of course, things work a little differently. A man can just pack a backpack with minimum toiletries and clothes and get on the move, however a woman needs her essentials for solo traveling. It definitely needs a tad bit more planning for a girl to set off on a solo trip. After all , life is all about the situations and how it is dealt with. Similarly, it is always safer for the girl to be self equipped. Just in case.

According to my opinion, language is not a barrier when you know what and where you are going as  solo traveling. Researching about a place before setting off is always advisable. Although it may be thrilling to not know where you’re heading to, but thrill can kill too.

A woman on a solo traveling expedition needs to make sure that they are safe. One of the essentials in their backpack being perhaps the old school pepper spray. It’s good to talk to strangers on the go and mingle with the localities, but it is wiser to not indulge too deep and avoid unnecessary dangers. In a country like India, or perhaps anywhere in the world, safety for a woman is often jeopardised and accidents only happen in a jiffy.

Carrying a phone with good battery backup as well as a power bank is mandatory in solo traveling.

Emergency calls should be made into shortcuts. Also, a first aid kit is mandatory. Whether it be a man or a woman.

A woman should carry extra sanitary napkins, just in case. You’d never know which remote area you will be traveling to. A biker woman would probably function little differently, carrying lesser luggage and other essentials which is required for a road trip.

Traveling light is the key though. Lesser burden you have to carry, more distance you can cover in a shorter time. This, more memories to make and keep in your heart forever!

Make every moment worthwhile on a solo trip. Read a book, do things out of your comfort zone, meditate, eat local and be open minded. Most importantly  remember to be fearless. An amazing unknown journey awaits towards self discovery and enlightenment.

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