The Secret to Cheaper Better Trip to Rome


Pay a visit to the ancient city of Rome and enjoy a budget friendly experience

A world renowned travel destination known for its unique blend of rich cultural heritage and modern cities is the capital city of Italy, Rome. The city can offer its tourists with hundreds of pleasant surprises from the famous sculptures of Michelangelo to the vivid view of Pieta. If you are thinking of visiting the city for the first time then you certainly don’t want to miss the best that the place has to offer. However, when it comes to touring an international destination like Rome, vacationing in a limited ‘budget’ might seem impossible. Well, let me tell you something, you can get the best of Roman experience even while maintaining a tight and limited budget.


Ideal time to visit

Rome like Barcelona, Paris, and Venice is a busy and populated place and if you’re looking for an enhanced and quieter experience try visiting between October and Easter holidays. During these months the city is more bearable and far less quiet, and will make your sightseeing experiences easier and less time consuming. March is also a promising time to visit the capital city of Italy, and during this month famous tourist spots are not only quieter but also cheaper.

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Go cheap with food markets

Food forms an integral part of every holidaying experience, and it becomes all the more important if you are a food lover. Instead, of spending tons of money on dining in expensive and pricey restaurants, try visiting the city run food markets. These food markets offers authentic, seasonal, and fresh food created with local ingredients at a highly affordable rate. Previously, these markets in Rome were a local attraction selling raw food material but after the opening of Testaccio in 2012 the neighborhood markets have started selling food to take away or eat in. Da Artenio is famous for its lip smacking baked good, roasted veggies and pizzas to take away. Dess’ Art and Mordi E Vai specialize in offal sandwiches, simmered meat, arancini, pannelle, cannoli and lots more.


Historical sites at affordable rates

Tickets to archeological sites and state operated museums are often quite pricey but vacationers can find an affordable option by visiting privately run venues. Visit Vicus Caprarius which is a medieval complex and 1st Century buildings and its history is narrated by an incredible signage. Just a few steps away from Colosseum, is the historical site of Case Romane del Celio, situated above ancient residential quarters.

You’ve worked hard and arranged yourself a nice trip to Rome and you certainly also deserve to buy yourself a few gifts. Just a few streets from Coliseum are the hip quarter and urban markets of Monti. This market found in 2009, offers a blend of vintage fashion and contemporary creativity. The market in Rome offers unique sales all around the year and from here you can purchase few interesting homeware items, retro clothing, and handicrafts products and so on. Now, when In Rome Do Not Forget To Visit The World Famous Gallery Called Sala1. The Gallery Not Only Offers free admission but also showcases a unique collection of contemporary and experimental art.

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