For all the sea lovers out there, Budva is the place to be!


Thalassophile is the word one would use to describe a person who loves oceans and seas, in other words, sea-lovers. Would you rather spend your free time by the sea enjoying the waves than in a bar with friends? Would you trade your business hours for a life along the sea or the coastal line? If the answer is affirmative, then go ahead and read the post to be introduced to one of the best seaside locations in the world, the Budva, Montenegro. This is the place to be for every Thalassophile out there!

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Budva is essentially a Montenegrin town located along the Adriatic Sea of central Europe. The coastal area around Budva called the Budva riviera is one of the major tourist attraction spots for the Montenegrin state. The quaint town of Budva is 2,500 years old making it one of the oldest settlements on the coast of Adriatic sea. This place, which has around 14000 inhabitants is very well known for its well-maintained medieval locales, exciting nightlife and of course, the sandy beaches. No wonder this place is considered to be the best seaside that one could possibly visit!
Things to do.

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Since this place is located along the coast of the Adriatic sea, most of the recreational activities that you can do include indulging in the water games like scuba diving or fishing. One just can’t miss out the fun that the best seaside offers with respect to the water games. If you want to be adventurous and satiate the hunger of the inner adventurer in you, then you can go hiking in the mountainous hinterland. If you are a person who doesn’t fall under either of the categories, then you can always soak yourself in the warmth of the sandy beaches Budva offers to you.

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Places to visit
Though the place has been developed and attracts a lot of tourists from all around the globe, you can still find some quiet, tranquil streets and cafes which are far away from the clutter and chaos. The old Venetian city at the end of the beach has a lot of things to offer for the lone traveller in you. A few of the best sights of the place include the citadel and the four churches out of which two are Orthodox and two are Catholic. They stand shoulder to shoulder in the quaint old city. Just 1km from the old town is where the Mogren beach is located. It is one of Montenegro’s best beaches and it is situated down a narrow path which keeps the crowds away.

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Though what you will see today will largely be the work of restoration workers, this city will not only be a delight to the Thalassophile in you, it’ll also be the best seaside vacations you would have ever had in your lifetime. So, plan your next vacation to the beautiful city of Budva and enjoy the city!


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