How to Save Money in the Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Semi affordable yet not the priciest destination, Virgin Islands

Budget traveling is always like a puzzle, you will tour places trying to put the piece in its right place. If you are successful you might turn the most expensive of the destinations into the most affordable go-to places. Sweden, Japan, Iceland, is some of the countries that require handsome cash flow for a beautiful holiday and tour. However, with the required knowledge and urge to stick to the pre-planned budget you will be able to do so. Even if you are a pro at traveling, and love to stroll and saunter through lanes of distant lands, there are some destinations which will never fit the term ‘budget travel’.There are some of these semi affordable/ budget travel places, where you do not have to heart out your life savings, but at the same time you cannot even save as much as you’d like. One such budget travel destination which attracts tourist from across the world, in spite of not being the cheapest of the destinations is British Virgin Island in USA.

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Who want luxury only in Virgin Islands?

The yachts, tax shelters, cluster of rich populace and luxury travelers have made this place a tad costlier. However, this does not mean that you cannot spend a decent and memorable holiday while sticking to a budget. There are ways of saving hundreds of dollars on your tour in Virgin Islands, given you follow a few guidelines. The destination is a little pricey, and not exactly the backpacking, rock bottom cheap holiday destination. However, a little planning and knowledge will help you save a massive amount of money. You got to remember one thing; you cannot stick to a tight budget and want your tour to be ‘luxury only’.

Smart ways to cut costs in Virgin Islands

Restaurants around the world have introduced a new concept, called the ‘happy hour’. It is nothing but a marketing strategy of attracting maximum customers by presenting them with alluring deals. However, this works for the customers pretty well. How? You get to eat food, maybe sip into a few beers, on a special discount or deal. Every budget travel addict must always be on the lookout of such deals, as food is what travelers spend on the most. When traveling to Virgin Islands especially when you’re alone, and want to experience a little rush ditch the hotel and try living in a camp. It is the most exciting way of spending your holidays, cozy tents with personal sleeping bags, campfire and some marshmallows, and if you’d like a few pints of brewed cocktails. Hotels generally cost hundreds of dollars for a single night, and by living in camps you’ll not only be making friends but you’ll also be paying a nominal amount.

The best way to cut down your costs while visiting the Virgin Islands is to visit in off seasons. These are the times when the businessmen in the island don’t earn as much, and are ready to settle for slightly profitable deals as well. Not in case of food maybe, but accommodations, and activities in the area costs less than it usually would.

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