Samoa a Paradise Island


Samoa Island is half way between New Zealand and Hawaii. It is a treasured island of the south pacific and the heart of Polynesia. Samoa is a natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each offering very distinct and different environment to explore.

Samoa is blessed with stunning land and seascapes. The people here are very friendly. There are many version of paradise to discover.You can drive around in a day, take a leisurely trip over a few days or even tour by cycle over a week or just relax at a resort.

The coastline is a wonder itself with sparkling white sand beaches and walls of sheer cliffs that drop straight into the Pacific.

Samoa is a great holiday destination for those travellers and tourist wanting to combine their love of the outdoor activities with their adventurous spirits. Many of the adventure activities and outdoor attractions available to travellers in Samoa are unique, simply due to the magnificent natural scenery and environment in which they are enjoyed. Samoa tourism operates at the highest level of service and safety.

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The best way to choose your adventure activity is to browse through the adventure activities directory to see what catches  your eyes, but there are definitely a few worth highlighting.

Zorbing Azorb is a large plastic ball that is rolled down a hill at a speed of 30km per hour. It is a thrilling experience.

Bungee jumping involves throwing yourself off a high ledge secured at your ankles by a long elasticated rope.

Fly by wire for the ultimate control freak,fling by wire involves being strapped into a purpose built plane, that you steer your own courses and speed, rocketing up or colliding towards the valley floor.

A holiday the Samoan way wouldn’t be complete without attending a Fiafia night. Samoan functions are celebrated with a traditional buffet and entertainment.They sing beautiful songs, dance graceful along with spectacular fire knife dance.

Manusina beach fales: it is one of the sandy beaches in Samoa. It is a great escape from busy cute life. It is a fantastic place to unwind.

Water fall: Swimming under a waterfall is a cool,green, crisp experience. Pick your waterfall right and you’ll be floating in a little piece of paradise, as we were at Afu Aau Water Park. Kids and adults have a brilliant time skimming down these natural slides, actually small water into cool waterholes.

Watch shooting stars: it’s just one of the magical things about having a big clear sky overhead in Samoa. Between the lack of general pollution and light pollution the stars above are shining brightly.You can see the sweep of the Milky Way and when those shooting stars do cross the night sky you can make a wish after wish, to heighten the experience. I recommend watching shooting stars from the beach or floating in the water.

Swim with Turtles: on Namu’a Island there are large green turtles gliding happily along.  Once you enter the Turtle Sanctuary at Satoalepai village on Savai’i. Here green turtles are raised in a big brackish water pool until fully grown and can be released into the ocean. The sanctuary welcomes tourists where you can see the turtles and also swim with them. It is as strange sensation to be in water, knowing these big creatures are in there somewhere but not being able to see them until they’re about to bump into you.

The best place to eat is at AMOA RESTAURANTS. This place is a true gem and unlike anywhere else you’ll find in Savai’i.It’s a foodie destination. Fresh locally sourced ingredients are used.

Lupe’s cocktail bars and restaurants for a down to earth filling and home cooked meal by the sea side. They whip up anything and everything here from pasta to palusam.

So do enjoy simplicity and true island experience.

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