Car Hire

So many drivers out there fail to acknowledge how truly tiring a long-distance car trip can be on their minds and bodies. Dozing off at the wheel is just as dangerous not only to oneself, but of course to other drivers, and can be just as fateful, accident wise, as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are a number of ways to circumvent driver fatigue, however, and it definitely pays for anyone with the responsibility for the safe transportation of others, to consider all of them.

Rested, not Arrested!

One of the best things you can do to avoid driver fatigue, is to be as well-rested as you possibly can before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. As desirable as it may be to arrange an overnight car trip to avoid any traffic problems, or gain a few extra hours of holiday time, it may be more advantageous for a driver to do the bulk of the driving during normal waking hours. Getting oneself up a little too early for a long drive might mean a drop in energy and one’s  attention span an hour or two into the trip. To prevent fatigue, drivers should really get as much sleep as possible before the trip, and contemplate the taking of short naps at rest areas, or simply pull over after a few hours of driving and walk around to avoid motorway fatigue.


Another popular way to avoid fatigue is to split driving responsibilities with at least one other driver. Some drivers are not really comfortable riding as passengers, especially if they are with inexperienced co-drivers, but they should still try turning over the wheel periodically to avoid driving fatigue. Renting from a car hire company can also make sure people drive real careful as the car is not theirs, and therefore they will have more responsibility. Plus, if it’s a car you’re not used to driving, you should take it easy anyway.

Coffee or Tea?

A popular way to avoid driving fatigue is to drink considerable amounts of stimulating beverages, such as strong coffee or tea. Caffeine from these beverages can help a driver feel more alert for a few hours, but make sure to take some extra in a flask if driving for a while, as the caffeine will eventually wear off. Also, try taking a break at a restaurant or somewhere, and grab a bite and have a wander around. If you’re flying into Perth, W. Australia, and in need of a top class vehicle hire service,car rental from Perth airport by Ace Rent a Car, are a great and cost effective solution to all your needs.


If there’s no hurry regarding time, a driver can take it easy by dividing the trip into small parts. Say a trip will take 12 hours of driving to complete, break it down into two 6 hour segments and stop for the night somewhere at a hotel. Wherever you’re going, please drive carefully and enjoy the ride!