How to Plan a Trip to a Place You Know Nothing About


So what you know nothing of the place you wish to visit?

Travelling is still a dream to most of us. As much as there has been an overwhelming uprising of travel blogs across the world encouraging and fuelling our travel lust, it also vicariously provides us with the option to roam about without ever leaving our couch. But if you are a travel enthusiast and you have a destination all picked out, albeit one you know nothing about- then this article is going to be a bit of a godsend for you!

In all seriousness, as intimidating as it sounds to travel to a place you have no idea of, it can actually be an exhilarating and eye opening experience which has all the potential to set you free. So let’s get started.

  1. Research: this is a bit of a no-brainer actually. But it’s true! Why bother sweating it out when Google is there? So make yourself a nice cuppa and sit down in front of the screen and Google away. For a bit of reference, it is always advisable to start with the country’s history and its present socio-political situation. Once you have an idea of that, you can easily proceed with travel blogs and read up what people think of the places they have visited here and everything you might need to know about decorum. Don’t just stop at the blogpost though, read the comment section. Because it is here you find valuable off the beaten information.
    Now once you have scoured the net, it might be a good idea to get off from the couch and get yourself a guidebook. What good does that do anyone? Well, there are some things which are indispensable and your good ol’ handbook is simply one of them. It gives you the basic information and a lot more than just your basic information. Why do you think Londoners still have in their possession London A-Z?
  2. Hotels might not be the best option: hotels are of course our first preference while travelling to a new place. However, if you really want to feel every quiver of the beating heart of the place you are visiting for the first time, home stay or staying with the locals might be a much better option. They can give you all the detailed information that your guidebook or couch surfing could not possibly give.
  3. Be sensitive: cultures vary across the globe and so does the standard of decorum. It might be something you consider out of the box, but it is what it is and when you are a tourist, especially a first time one it is always great to be nothing short of respectful. Whether it is your garments or your behaviour, whatever might be the use to get into a hustle with the locals?

Travelling is thrilling and wherever you go it becomes an integral part of you. So take the plunge. Don’t wait for the time to be right. Because there is no such thing as the right time because there is always going to be something holding you back! So if you want to pack your bags and head out for your next adventure, do it now!

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