Physicist Has Approved Of Parallel Universe and Travel Living

Parallel Universe

Finding out a different and a new dimension for travelling is not something that you cannot make it happen. It might resemble scientific stories but it can be in your grip now. Physicists and several renowned Professors from the field of Quantum Mechanics have discovered that there are a several different graphic presentations that exist in the equally spaced universe where you can leap through your time and be in the mode of relaxation. They have also acclaimed that these parallel universe also move in accordance to each other.

The notion of parallel universe confirms that every possibility might happen at the same time. Doctors from the University of California propagated a new discovery on the theory in which Several Worlds tend to interact with each other.

The concept of parallel universe as per the quantum theory has been discovered since 1957. According to this several world; interacting theory every new universe leads into a group of new worlds and a new measurement is made. Possibilities are hence can be felt just like we know that Australia was once also a colonized country.

Some critics cannot rely on this parallel universe theory, as they cannot add to in affecting this universe. Though the newly introduced that confirms the existence of several worlds the possibility of many parallel universes but they believe that all are situated on the same timetable and can also interact with each other without any issues.

The interesting part is that there are many parallel universe that reproduce quantum mechanics as opposed to the theory of Newtonian mechanics that confirms one world theory. Dr. Hall brought forth something novice that is neither Newton’s concepts nor quantum mechanics theory. He tried to portray a new sketch of quantum mechanics’ that can prove out to be beneficial in forging discoveries to explore new dimensions of the quantum occurrence.

The new dimension regarding time travel came when pioneering Professors from the University of Auckland got the several awards for their excellent work in the field of science and technology. The new concepts prove that quantum theory does not negate time travel. You can go to another universe! Only if you can manipulate time that allows time leaping.

Everett propounded an interpretation where the world is splitting constantly. If we accept this parallel universe theory then it can be concluded that our universe is structured in an infinitely larger folds interpreted as the multiple universe, which can be taken as the ever-growing mass of equally spaced universes.

In this manner, the findings of parallel universe as per the quantum mechanics grants a time traveler to reverse the previous without producing any issues just like the troublesome grandfather paradox. Many science fiction authors suggested time travel paradoxes would be solved by parallel universes via the quantum theory as we see here. Now a time travel can also be made possible with parallel dimensions or universe only if we know how to manage our time that can allow time hopping without any troubles as per the Physicists.


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