Spring Break is the perfect time to de-stress and live in the moment. But what to bring? Packing brings with it all kinds of stress, but never fear! We’re here to make sure you have the essentials for your trip! The items will change slightly, depending on your destination, but there is always

Versatility is essential when packing light for your trip, and when you’re going somewhere different, it’s nice to have comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing that isn’t overly complicated and bulky. This is especially true if you’re travelling somewhere hot, where you’ll definitely want to flowy loose clothing so you don’t get the dreaded stuck-on clothing feeling.

First things first, let’s dress in reverse. You’ll want to get comfortable, versatile shoes. The best shoes for travelling are casual shoes you can wear with any outfit, but are comfortable enough to wear while walking for long periods of time. Get casual sneakers in a dusty pink or baby blue to add a trendy look to your travel gear. If you’re going to the beach or somewhere where you’ll have to share showers- bring the appropriate sandals. These will be the perfect way to make sure you don’t get the dreaded sweaty travel foot.

Next- bring socks. Though you may think that socks aren’t needed if you’re just going to the beach, you’ll be surprised and the toll walking around for hours can have on your feet. Bring maybe two pairs of socks that don’t take up much room in your bag, so that you’ll have them in case the situation calls for it. Believe me, while trekking in the Philippines, I was more than happy to have a pair of socks with me so that I wasn’t getting blisters like the rest of my group.

Next, you’ll want to consider the kind of bottoms you’ll be wearing. This is greatly dependent on what you’ll be doing. For example, if you’re going to be hiking a lot, or walking for hours in unknown areas, you’ll want to bring light but comfortable pants that will double as great sleeping pants just in case you have to get out the tent for an overnight stay outside. A great pair of pants to consider while travelling are the kind of cargo pants where you can unzip the bottom leg and wear them as shorts if it gets too hot. If it’s going to be hot for the majority of the time that you’re travelling, grab one pair of leggings, and stick to shorts for the majority of your bottoms.

The tops you’re wearing will also greatly depend on what you’ll be doing while you’re travelling. However, my biggest recommendation for travelling in hot weather is to get loose clothing that can go with the rest of your outfits. This makes getting ready a cinch, and you don’t want to miss a moment on your trip! Shop Nordstrom Rack for the perfect pieces for any trendy traveller.

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