Pack Your Bags Because It’s Pisciotta Calling!


Are you one of those vagabonds stuck in the mundane, monotonous life? Are you one of those suffering from wanderlust? Do you often think about packing your bags and going on a trip away from the clutter of the city? If yes is the answer to all the above-asked questions, then pack your bags and get ready to explore the quaint Old Italian coastal town of Pisciotta.

The Marina de Pisciottani town is essentially a beach holiday destination situated along the coast of Cilento. One of southern Italy’s best-kept secret, this region is a suitable for a long, stress-free vacation without any worries. Not only is this place suitable for all the nature lovers, this place will also satiate the adventurer in you as you can go trekking in one of these hills and discover the hidden chapels and dilapidated alleyways in the town.


This small village with barely 400 inhabitants offers a rather serene and tranquil vacation time for you. The ideal time to step into this place to catch the true spirit of the town is between the months of July and August. It is during this period that the people of the town are high up in their spirits because this is the holiday season there.


Walk the mile to discover the town.

Take a walk down the lower skirts of this ideal beach holiday destination and you’ll discover the ‘oh-so-clean’ beaches which are a major source of attraction for the tourists. Also, this half-mile long beach that extends north from the fishing port is lined with fishermen cottages which are a delight to the eyes. Also, you can witness people engaged in one of the most important forms of livelihood and recreational activity as well which is fishing. This place also houses a lot of modest hotels and restaurant where you can relax and dine enjoying the view that the place will provide.

 Pisciotta _3


With its laid-back friendliness and clutter free ambience is one of the important factors which would make your road trips extremely easy and hassle-free. Make complete use of the public transport available, the train and the bus, and soak in the beauty of the town and its people. Instead of hiring taxi services, choosing the public transport would ensure that you get to meet the local residents of the place and know more about this beautiful beach holiday destination.


 A touch of history.

A walk down the narrow alleyways of the town would reveal houses to you that date back to 16th century. This beach holiday destination will give you the experience of a real Italian village when you find out that despite it being so close to the sea, the people of this town have managed to keep this town away from the eyes of the tourists and have been following traditions and customs which are centuries old. In this beautiful town, few of the recreational activities which you can indulge in include swimming, diving, hiking, riding, etc.

So pack your bags, and leave for Pisciotta.



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