Otaru: Everything You Need to Know

Otaru has developed as a commercial city over a century. It is famous for herring fishing Communities. Before it was known as a financial centre of Hokkaido but now it is a tourist centre of Hokkaido. Most of the city‘s architecture is designed with a western style in mind.

Otaru is a romantic city. There are many historical building like the stone made western style architecture to old Japanese style architecture .While visiting Otaru you won’t feel like you are in just another Japanese town. Otaru is hidden treasures that will make memories to last for a lifetime. Here are some of the sights, tastes, and place you can experience in Otaru.

Otaru Canal is the symbol of this place. It was an ex-harbour but now it has turned into a tourist destination. After sunset stone- made warehouse are lit up and gas lamps are turned on. It looks very different from the day time. In winter the stone warehouses and the promenade are buried in snow looking even more like countries in the far north.


Sakaimachidori Street is one of the famous tourist spots where there are many souvenir shops.An incredible selection of crafts is available from simple souvenirs to gorgeous works of art, where they sell glass work of local specialities and music boxes. This place is known as the Town Of Glass for its many glass makers and crafts shops. Most of the glassware is handmade.

Sushiyadori street: Here sushi are very famous because the city has developed as a fishing port and fresh seafood can be found at reasonable prices .There are more than 20 sushi restaurants in Otaru. You can enjoy sushi with seasonal seafood caught on the coastline of the Sea of Japan.

OtaruTenguyama Ropeway: Once you climb up to Tengu Mountain the entire city can be viewed. The mountain turns into Ski Mountain in winter. There is also a restaurant where you can have dinner while enjoying the view.

AsarigawaOnsen Resort is a hot spring resort which is rich in Nature. You can enjoy golfing or playing tennis. It is also famous for skiing.


OtaruAquarium:Every ocean has different creatures that live in .So visiting an aquarium is a must once you travel abroad. The aquarium over here is quiet small as compared to the other aquarium. The dolphin seals, walrus and the penguin show are really fun watching them.

OtaruCityNishinGoten (herring mansion) situated on hill top, it is very easy to spot this place.it was a combination of living quarters for both men and women for fishing and fish process and work space. By visiting this place you can see how each one does their contribution to their work.

Otaru winter festival is a must to see. This place offers a beautiful Landscape views. They have an Otaru snow light path festival at night. The city is decorated in light for 10 days. Tourist mostly visits this place in winter. They have their own snow events in February .Many snow sculpture are ready, and set up everywhere.

Do visit OTARU in JAPAN and enjoy the mouth-watering dishes and the scenic beauty.



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