The Oldest European State Montenegro


Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting places in the world and one of the top world tourist destinations. Even though this place covers only about 14,000 km, it still has about 670000 citizens. Comparing its size it gives the largest and most impressive contribution to the world. As this country has a number of majorities of world languages, a person would think that this country is one of the South African countries. The country is quiet tiny which is located in between Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. Even though the country is too small it is a very attractive state in the whole of Europe which has many historical, political and other geographical attractions.

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The scenery in Montenegro is tantalizing, each country is unique and you’ll find everything from buzzing summer resorts to quiet family-friendly to off the beaten track destinations. You can choose many destinations in day trips, so it’s better to choose a town that will suit you to stay it.There are so many things to do in Montenegro on your holiday you’ll never be bored. It’s one of the things that make Montenegro such a great place for a vacation, whether you’re into sun worshipping, extreme sports, history, food and wine or want a great family getaways, you can also enjoy sun-filled holiday lazing on the beach or an active holiday hiking mountains. Go diving and explore ruins. Experience rustic village life or admire super yatch. Take a relaxing boat tour; try cannoning or white water rafting.


Montenegro is the easiest place to get to, as there are four international airports. As there are four international airports one cannot have any trouble finding a connection from any European centre. The distance between the UK and Montenegro is less than a three hour flight. The distance from the other European airports is just a matter of two hours. Although this place is small, there are lot of ways to travel there such as the plane, train, car, bus or ferry.

Montenegro can be broken into two distinct areas. The coast and the mountains.

The coastline is along the Adriatic Sea. This is where most people stay during their holiday. The beaches are stunning. The water is clear, it’s gorgeous.

Montenegro is full of interesting sites to visit and each has its own unique story. Good news is there’s something for everyone. If you love nature, Lake Skadar is the place for you. If you love history and architecture, the old towns and museums will be right up your alley. And if you love to keep active, you’ll want to check out annoying, stand up paddling, rafting or kayaking’s.

 Kotor: it is one of Montenegro’s most popular attractions. One of the most popular things to do here is walk the odd fortress walls up the mountain behind the town. From there you get breath-taking views of the town and bay of kotar.

Attraction in kotar: Maritime Museum, St Tryphon’s Cathedral, Sveti Nikola Orthodox Church, san Giovanni Fortress.

Budva’s: it is Montenegro’s most popular tourist resort. The main attraction is Budva’s town which is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic. Coast. You can visit the citadel and the two museums, which holds a lot of artefacts from the town’s history. Outside the old town you can hit the beach in front of the town or take the path around the head to Morgren Beach.

Setvi Stefan is a tiny islet and a former town connected to the main land by a small bridge. It was a small town but was turned into hotel and it rapidly became a favourite spot for Hollywood stars and royalty. It fell into disrepair but it’s been completely renovated and it became popular with the likes of Maria Sharapova and Noval Djokovic. It’s undeniably a beautiful spot.

Porto Montenegro is a super yatch marina inTivat. It’s a gorgeous spot to take an evening stroll, grab a meal or just have a cocktail; you can walk along Jetty one and admire the floating fin palaces that are moored there.

No list of Montenegro attraction would be complete without Tara Canyon. Next to the Grand Canyon it’s the second deepest canyon in the world and the deepest in Europe. To see this natural canyon is from a boat as you raft the rapids of the Tara River.

Other attractions are

Bar Old Town, Top scenic drives, Doclea ruins, Biogradska Gora National park, Durmitor National park, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj and Roamn Mosaics in Risan.

These are some of the attractions to see on your trip to Montenegro.

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