Whether you like the rough and rugged fun of camping in unknown places or you prefer the convenience of a cabin by the lake, there’s really nothing better than getting away from everything and heading to the great outdoors.

And the good news is that you don’t have to ditch helpful technology when you head out — unless you want to, that is! There are plenty of apps out there can help you in all phases of your outdoor adventures no matter how far they take you from home. As long as you have a cellular or WiFi connection, you can use these apps to help you plan your trip, watch out for the weather or use them for nearly anything you can think of. Here are some of the great apps that can help you next time you want to get away.


Oh, Ranger!

This app specializes in helping you find the perfect park to camp out in and satisfy all of your adventuring desires.

This is great to browse as you wonder where to go next, for a weekend getaway or a week-long camping adventure. There are hundreds of state and national parks that Oh, Ranger! Can help you find information on, including camping areas, bike and hiking trails as well as fishing spots and nearby golf courses. It has a very simple layout and prominent icons to easily find all of the information you may be looking for.

The app will also provide you with directions, phone numbers and websites that may be helpful to you along the way.


Weather Live Free

This weather application from Apalon Apps for Android has everything you will need to stay ahead of the weather. It’s a free app that is very easy to use.

Weather Live Free will show the current and “feel like” temperature, the humidity levels, the total and possible precipitation for the next 24 hours as well as the wind speed and direction, You can also find the time for sunset and sunrise if you want to get a great outdoor photo or go stargazing.

There is also a constantly-updated weather radar so you can know what’s coming or going in your area, and you can use the widget so all of the information you want is displayed right there on your home screen.



Geocaching is a great way to make your hikes more exciting. Using this app basically turns all of your hikes into real treasure hunts!

The app works like this: users hide items around the world and then upload the coordinates for other users to find. The items can literally be anything, as they as they fall under certain guidelines. People have left money, collectables and toys, but the fun is in finding the geocaches themselves. There could even be some near you right now!

Don’t shun technology just because you head outside, use it to make your adventures more fun and easy to plan.

Maisie Finch works in the travel industry, mainly so that she is able to travel lots herself!! She writes about all aspects of travel in her articles, hoping to provide some insights and useful info to an online audience.