Money Saving Tips For Your Bandung, Indonesia TripBudget. It is the one word travel lovers fear more than anything else. The term immediately conjures up images of dirty motel rooms and unappetizing food. Not exactly a dream vacation. Before you give up on the idea of a picture perfect getaway…. pause. Take a deep breath. Relax. It is possible to have a once in a lifetime experience on a budget. Just keep these money saving tips in mind. They will help you get more bang for your buck during your Bandung, Indonesia adventure.

Find a Quality Hotel For an Affordable Price. There are many exciting things about travelling to a new country, city, or place. Like staying in a luxurious hotel. The soft beds, the amazing views, and the extra amenities all matter. They can take an ordinary vacation and make it feel extraordinary. Thankfully you do not have to settle for a sub par hotel room. Even when you are travelling on a budget! It is possible to find hotels in Bandung for less. Whether you want to stay at a quiet resort or at the unforgettable De Java Hotel Bandung. Check out discount travel sites, look for coupon codes, or plan your trip during off peak travel times.

Money Saving Tips For Your Bandung, Indonesia Trip 2Take Out Money Before Your Trip or At The Airport. It is always a good idea to have cash on hand. This will make it easier when you want to grab food, pick up a souvenir, or visit an attraction. Guess what? It is possible to save money just by planning ahead. Crowded tourist areas in Indonesia have ATMs available – as well as exchange booths – but they tend to have a much higher rate. Your best bet is to take out money beforehand (you can do this by contacting your local bank branch) or at the airport (either before or after you land). This can help you sae 1-2% on the exchange rate. Another reason it is important to have a bit of cash with you? Many stores charge you a fee to use your credit card. Rural areas on the other hand do not always have credit card machines.

Carefully Consider How You Will Get To Bandung. There is no right or wrong way to get to Bandung, Indonesia. However some transportation options are cheaper than others. You can take an international flight straight to Indonesia. Or you can take a flight part of the way and find a cheaper connecting flight. You can also book through a travel agent, take a boat, or even take a train to Bandung. Compare rates, look for seat sales, and weigh your options. With a bit of extra planning you can save big on your next vacation.

Money Saving Tips For Your Bandung, Indonesia Trip 3Eat Well Without Overspending. Popular areas in Bandung have a wide range of food options available. Some can be pricier than others. Don’t dismay. It is possible to eat healthy (and delicious) food in Bandung without breaking the bank. Just search for smaller family run restaurants rather than bustling street food stops and restaurants geared towards tourists. Not only will you enjoy fantastic traditional dishes…but you will save money too. It is the perfect way to eat well, make special travel memories, and satisfy your stomach.