Bellingham is situated in Whatcom Country, Washington. It has a very fun filled environment with magnificent scenery and also a culture of the outdoor recreation. It is a wonderful little vibrant city that gives one of the excellent views of the San Juan Islands. As the country is primarily rural, and near the coast, farming predominates. Bellingham is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, but it manages to remain one of the best kept secrets in the country.


Bellingham is filled with fun things to do event in its surroundings.  It has one to one unique attractions that range from minor league baseball to walking tours and motor sports. There are a large variety of parks as well as numerous seasonal activities including waterslides, many other water activities and also the country fair. Though it is not far away from the Canadian border, Bellingham is not only the gem on the northwest of the city but also it represents everything that the region has to offer. The outdoor activities are recreationally easy to find in Bellingham and also the Pacific Northwest culture. Bellingham is a home to western Washington. It has a number of museums and various local storefronts.

The town’s most famous race, ski to sea, is a ball busting track from the slopes of Mount Baker to the waters of Bellingham Bay. But you don’thave to be a hard core athlete to partake in Bellingham bounty, with flat trail to bike and hike, clam waters to paddle and soft mossy campground for fireside relaxation.

Whatcom Fall Park

It is a 240-acre city park, on the edge of the east4ern Bellingham. It includes modern park amenities, hiking trails, and plenty of open spaces to explore.  There is a stone bridge built near this park.  This bridge gives the best scenic viewpoint which serves as a great monument for the tourist. The best beauty about this park is that it has 4 different waterfalls.


It offers the beauty of the best ever invention seen in the world. It helps the visitors by guiding them through the four decades of electrical milestones.  Replicas of Edison’s first light bulbs, thousands of radios and a lot more things are present in this museum that keeps the whole family engaged and interested.

Fairhaven historic district

The Fairhaven can be called as a town as well as a village. It came into existence in 1889. It has a seaport location and also the impacts of the logging industry. If one is looking for local shops or any hotels then the village books and skylark’s Hidden café can definitely satisfy the needs. There is Bellingham cruise terminal that offers whale watching and also the beautiful view of San Juan Islands.

Galbraith Mountain Bike Park

This is situated at birch street, Bellingham. It is a defining feature of Bellingham, as it offers the outdoor space and hiking trails and also a large number of activities. The famous activity here is the mountain biking. It is maintained by the whimps mountain bike coalition (wmbc).

Boulevard Park

It is an open space which offers a performing stage for local concerts.  The best view ever found in Bellingham can be seen from here. It also provides great walking and biking trails. It also has woods coffee which is located right in the middle of all these things.

MountBaker theatre

It occupies half a block of the city. It has three different venues that conduct national as well as local performances not only once a year but throughout the year. If one is interested not only in musicals but also magicians or just want to be involved in the community events, then this is the right place to get the tickets.

Bellingham offers three big lakes for paddling. Though the bay water is frigid, you will see Kayakers paddling year round off the shores. In summer Lakes Padden becomes a community swimming hole dotted with kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. These lakes offer a great place to train for open water ocean kayaking.

Bellingham is not exactly known for climbing more advance climbing can be found within a two hour drive to the Gold Bar Boulders or Squamish. But spots like the sand stone boulders at Sehome Arboretum and Clayton Beach draw their share of local climbers.

It’s clear now that Bellingham is one city in Washington with more than just a simple weekend visit.