Kyoto The etiquette of Japanese onsen


Kyoto- a mysterious land cooped in the lap of Japan

The beauty of Japan has always been a tourism magnet for people all over the world and many seem drawn to the land of the rising sun. From the cloud covered peaks of Mount Fujiyama to the beautiful beaches of this island country, everything is a pleasure. When you want to explore Japan as a tourist one of the top draw tourist destinations is undoubtedly Kyoto. Kyoto was Japan’s former capital city and is considered to be a ‘mysterious land’. The area in and around this place has to offer so much that visiting a dozen times would not seem enough to explore the beauties of the place.

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Plenteous to explore

From sipping matcha in ancient tearooms, drinking beer in Kamo gama, to cycling in Arashiyama’s bamboo forest the city offers so much that you will never get tired of exploring the options. Although, it’s an ancient Japanese city with stunning cherry blossom trees and geisha, there’s another side to the city as well. There’s a unique youthful feel in Kyoto, for it’s a university town and attracts several students from Japan and abroad. Regardless of the season every traveler will find it difficult to not succumb to the romantic feel of the city. Kyoto is simply a ‘paradise’ for couples looking for a haven away from the din and bustle of cities. Dining in restaurants near Kamo River or walking through the streets kissed by the soft lights of Andon, everything about Kyoto is romantic and quixotic.

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Kyoto a World heritage site

This tourist destination is the home to several important World Heritage Sites, and has been able to preserve its unique romance and calmness. Well, the unparallel beauty of the city attracts thousands from around the world. However, there’s something else that forms the main attraction as a tourist destination and it’s the several natural springs called ‘onsen’. Located in downtown Kyoto is Japan’s most popular hot spring called Kurama Onsen. Situated in a beautiful modern ryokan, it is a peaceful outdoor bath. While immersed in the warm onsen, tourists can enjoy the stunning view of mountains surrounded by cedar trees.

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Curative hot springs (onsen)

While, hot springs are known for creating a rejuvenating experience, it also has curative and healing properties. This ‘alternative medicine’ has various curative properties than can treat arthritis, lower back pain, inflammation and dermatitis. The buoyancy, pressure, temperature, and chemistry of these ‘onsen’ make the water as effective as a healing agent. It’s not only for the luxurious few, but also for common tourists and travelers, looking for exploring the numerous benefits of hot spring waters. Although, ‘onsen’ is a term used for hot springs, it is also common term for bathing facilities and spas found in every corner from upscale retreats to traditional inns.

Kyoto is special for something else as well, it is the home to some of the most pristine and beautiful Buddhist temples. There are over 1000 temples you’ll find in the city and each temple is a true magnum opus of religious architecture. If there is one tourist destination on Earth where you can treasure a truly memorable holiday, then Kyoto is the name.

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