Istanbul – Must do’s



Istanbul is an enchanting place that bridges two continents – Asia and Europe. It’s a gateway to turkey and has a mix of multiple civilizations. This magical land has multiple highlights and there are lots of must do’s when you travel to Istanbul.

Shopping Mania

Grand Bazaar is known for its size. Unless you are full of energy, you cannot enjoy the bazaar. In the past, it was a place full of exotic goods from all around the world however today, it is full of junk goods except for some wonderful carpets and small jewellery.

Spice Bazaar, as the name says, is where you can shop for spices, dried fruits, coffee and tea.


Pleasure Ride

Want a vintage feel? Then, ride on a red street car and enjoy the shopping hubs.

You must choose to walk through the Galata Bridge to enjoy the view from there. You can see people fishing and selling pretzels and also watch boats carrying passengers down Bosphorus.

It would be a great idea to take a cruise down Bosphorus because you can catch a good glimpse of the Rumeli ruins, Maiden’s tower, Dolmabahce palace and many other scenic locations.

Visit the Princes Islands because the only transportion to reach the place is horse and cart.

Who wants to miss the ride in funicular? It’s the second oldest underground metroline in the world.


Have a Look into the Architectural Wonders

The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is one architectural wonder that should never be missed. The domes and mosaics are worth watching and a treat to your eyes.

The church of the saints Sergius and Bacchus is also known as little Hagia Sophia. Don’t miss it too. Also take a look into the Chora Church of Istanbul which still dazzles after centuries.

The best architectural wonder is the one constructed by the Romans, Valens Aqueducts. They are water systems to supply fresh water to the Istanbul city.

There is an ancient underground water cistern known as Basilica Cistern. The columns of the cistern have been built from ruins of other buildings.

The Galata tower is like that of the Rapunzel’s tower. The view from there is beautiful.


Istanbul’s Archaeological museum is a place for people who love history.

The Topkapi palace gives us an idea about the royal life of the sultans. So, it’s on the must watch list.

Food So Yummy

There is a drink called Ayran and is considered the national drink in Turkey. It’s usually popular in the summer months because it’s an yoghurt based drink.

It’s a must to eat kumpir. It’s a delicacy made out of baked potato with cheese and butter. It’s topped with olives, pickles, corns, peas and anything of your choice.

The Bakeries are famous for the sesame covered pretzels. When you visit the Istiklal Avenue, you must certainly grab one to eat.

A very special treat for your taste buds is the chicken breast pudding. It’s a sweet pudding topped with cinnamon. Never ever miss it!

Taste the classy Turkish tea. Enjoy the Turkish ice-cream for its sticky nature.

Pastries are a delight and it’s a must to taste it, sweet or savory. It’s called borek.

Stay In Grace

If you prefer the old city of Istanbul, Sultanahmet is a very good choice. Beyoglu is very close to restaurants and shopping area. Kadikoy is a best place if you want to relax a bit.


Finally, don’t miss out the Turkish bath. So what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself in comfort!


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