Iceland Stairway to Heaven


Iceland Natures Gift:

Iceland has a lot of variation to offer, that if we look through its beauty, we are sure to be shocked forever. Projecting to you here are wonderful places which are honestly a heaven on Earth. Observe the most beautiful places in the universe!

It’s not at all surprising that these steps in Iceland are one of the world’s most stunning places. There are fixed hours during the day when the sun is properly located at that angle that the scene becomes even more wonderful. It’s the kind of place that you will fall in love every time you visit it.


It is situated about 25 km west of the town of Erfoud, lays a magical stairway that has been named as stairway to heaven. Rejoicing in its basked glory, it looks even more beautiful at the time of sunrise and sunset. The way it falls among the generous and rich mountains of Iceland, it looks like a tunnel that directs straight to heaven.

The beauty of Iceland has been praised by many people who’ve visited the shocking beautiful country. But, this is one special place where you need to visit and experience before you die.


Story of the Stairs to Heaven:

It was built by the German artist Hannesjörg Voth, which was completed in 1987. It’s a 16m high stairway with 52 steps directing to an entrance at the top. You then move down to the living accommodation.

Voth then commenced on the Golden Spiral which he finished in 1997. This is found on a shell design with steps in the middle guiding down to living space surrounding an underground well.

The City of Orion which was completed in 2003 does not include living space, it’s a number of pise towers arranged in the design of the Orion constellation and the height of each tower projects its magnitude of brightness.


Best Time to Visit Your Dream Place:

There is a usual saying in Iceland, ‘if you don’t prefer the weather, just wait for five minutes’ and it is always true. When speaking about the best time to pay visit to Iceland, it is necessary to decide what you want to see and what you want to do there and also what you want to avoid. In terms of being famous, July and August are the most admired times to go, with mild long days. If you hate the cold then this is best time to go. But if you dislike big crowds at the popular sights then surely choose to go another time.

The heart on most of our tours to Iceland is the wonderful Northern Lights. It is likely to see them from September through to early April, but, we’ve found that the best time to witness them is in February, March, September and October. The chilled winter months of November to February is wrapped in a cover of refreshing white snow.This is the perfect time to travel to Iceland if you want to experience the beautiful snow and the different activities that takes places.


Relaxation At:

Econo Lodge, Golden Hotel, Rondo Motel, Alpine Meadows Lodge, Vagabond Lodge at Kicking Horse, Winton Lodge Etc.


So do visit this heavenly abode.

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