Why Iceland is the Best Zika Free Vacation Spot Right Now


The craze for vacations has slowed down because of the Zika-virus that recently tends to engulf the major holiday spots with its hazardous vibes. Everyone wants to have a safe and sound holiday avoiding any life risks. Zika-virus, which is a mosquito-borne disease, is proliferating at a rapid pace throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and most frequently southern Florida and causes serious health issues like birth defects and neurological complications. But, Iceland assures you a healthy climate free from any disorders to spend a nice time with your friends and relatives. An outing is only worthy when it is pleasant, relaxing and free from any ill-effects.


Some reasons why Iceland is free of the Zika-virus are:

  • Climate – The climate of Iceland is so cold that none of the mosquitoes can breed there. It is one of the major points why the Nordic Island has the privilege to be counted amongst the world’s safest region. If the climate is too drastic either pertaining to excess warm or cold ambience then none of the bacteria or mosquitoes can build up in that location and Iceland because of these natural properties is free from any disastrous health diseases.
  • Neighborhood – Iceland has a vast trench of grasslands all over the surrounding, which makes the place even more inhospitable for the mosquitoes to grow. The mosquitoes need shallow pool of water to lay their eggs and Iceland fortunately does not provide this facility to the mosquitoes as the water there always freezes and not even supports a warmer climate.
  • Soil – It is said that the soil of Iceland has some chemical properties, which the mosquitoes can’t adjust to. The chemical content is such that hardly any bacteria can survive.


Nothing can stop the holiday lovers to plan their vacation at different places of the world. One part of their year is always reserved for holidaying.

But, this is also true that none wants to spend their vacation inside a mosquito net, they have went there to explore every nook and corner of the place and in such a mood this kind of constant life threatening worries will act as a spoiler and would curb their enjoyment.

People plan a vacation to get rid of their worries and to reside in a relaxing mode for some time and this kind of unnecessary tension is always avoided.

Due to this virus, most of the renowned holiday resorts that used to be in the top most list of the holiday mongers are losing the ground. Whereas, the capital of Reykjavik has managed to maintain its reputation amongst the vacationers because of the naturally occurring incentives.

It is always advised that before selecting your holiday spot collect all the information of that place. and if the place is subjected to Zika then it is definitely not safe for you and your co-travelers. So, be twice assured before travelling to an unknown place because your safety is in your hands.

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