How to Rave It up in Rio de Janeiro

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One of the world’s most sensual cities set between wave-kissed sandy beaches and forest-covered granite mountain is Rio de Janeiro. It has one of the largest art deco sculptures on the planet – The open embrace of Christ the Redeemer. Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a summer blessing with the world’s most famous celebration, Carnival during Christmas and Near Year’s Eve. With one of the most beautiful settings in the world for a city there are many things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Explore Copacabana

The 4 km beach serves many purposes to the community of Copacabana like early morning walk, yoga, working out and sunset walks. This also serves as a backdrop for many beachside bars where Samba mix tunes mix with the waves breaking onto to the shore.

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Explore the Nightlight of Rio de Janeiro

An evening out in Rio is a special experience as carioca’s love to party be it an evening entertainment at a live music venue or a cocktail in a chic nightclub.

Walk the Historic Downtown

Rio de Janeiro is a blend of historic Portuguese colonial architecture and the famous modern city life Brazilian atmosphere in South America. Staring from the Convent of Santo Antonio the oldest standing building in the city every building one walks past has a story of its own and been an important part to play for the growth of the city. Ensure to check out the Cafeteria Colombo, one of the oldest coffee shops in the world.

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Go Hang Gliding

The landscape of Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful one with numerous tree-clad mountain peaks, white-sand beaches and small islands peppering the waters of the coast. Hang Gliding happens in Padre Bonita a beautiful mountain situated in Sao Conrado neighborhood. One does not need to have any experience as the pilot takes control of the whole flight. During the flight one just needs to smile at the camera and enjoy the view of Rio de Janeiro. The landing is on the clear water and white sands of Pepino beach.

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See Christ the Redeemer

This magnificent monument is located at the Peak of Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park. Standing 700 meters high is the Christ of Redeemer statue overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Markets in Gloria and Uruguaiana

The best way to spend your Sunday morning is walking through the stalls of fresh fruit, meat, fish, seafood and even artisanal crafts and jewellery. This is a local residential area of Gloria which is a short Metro ride from Copacabana.

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Climb the Lapa Steps

A masterpiece made out of recycled tiles and paint created by Chilean Artist Jorge back in 1980’s. Broken tiles were struck by him to the walls of the filthy, neglected stairs which ran past his home, linking the Lapa and Santa Teresa neighborhoods

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Some of the best things to do in Rio De Janeiro is what the locals do like join the natives for an early morning walk on the beach then dive into the Copacabana shopping district and hop on the Metro for historic centre ride. After exploring the market return for an afternoon swim in the Atlantic water and head to the Caiparinhas for the lovely sunset which streak across the city. For enjoying the real taste of Copacabana, stay in a luxury hotel with a seafront view or the view of the Christ Redeemer or the mountains of the North.


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