Honeymoon Activities In Dubrovnik


Your honeymoon is finally here. Thank goodness! That means your days of table settings, DIY favors, and caterers are over. You and your significant other have tied the knot and are ready to experience a wonderful – and romantic – honeymoon. Dubrovnik is waiting for you! This Croatian city is one of the most visited spots in the Mediterranean Sea. For good reason. It boasts a rich history, unique beauty, and spectacular attractions. There is plenty of natural beauty to behold as well as some truly incredible architecture. Getting excited for your honeymoon? Good. Make sure every moment is special. Simply include these romantic honeymoon activities into your Dubrovnik getaway.


Watch The Sun Go Down Inside The City Walls. Can you imagine it? Watching the day turn to night from inside the medieval sea walls of Dubrovnik. The walls give visitors a jaw-dropping view of the coast and Old Town. Add a little splash of romance to your day. Head over just before sunset. You and your partner can cuddle up and watch the sunlight fade. It will feel like a real-life movie moment. Another option is to take the Dubrovnik Cable Car to the very top of Mount Srd. The view is guaranteed to take your breath away. And it will feel extra romantic with that someone special by your side.


Treat Yourself To a Romantic Candle Lit Meal. One of the very best things about taking a vacation is the food. You get the chance to indulge a little (it’s okay! Your wedding diet is finally over!) and try something new. Choose a restaurant that provides a view of the coastline. That picturesque scene will be the perfect backdrop for your romantic evening meal. With dim lighting, a candle flickering in the centre of the table, and a mouth-watering menu…. your evening will exceed any and all expectations. One thing you might want to try? Order traditional Croatian dishes and desserts. You and your partner will love tasting, comparing, and discussing.


Go For a Late Night Swim (Or Stroll) On The Beach. The beaches in Dubrovnik are amazing. Which is why many tourists spend hours upon hours enjoying the sun, sand, and water. Make sure you do, too. Especially at night. There is something so wonderful about an evening spent at the beach. Maybe it has to do with the cool sand underneath your feet or the relaxing sound of the water lapping the shoreline. Whatever the reason…every moment will feel romantic. Look at the stars in the sky, go for a short walk, or dip your toes into the water. You will never forget the experience.


Hold Hands While You Go Sight Seeing. It’s amazing. You don’t necessarily need a sunset or a dimly lit restaurant to experience romance. It can also be found in small simple moments. So, get romantic while you do some sight seeing. You might be checking out the Cathedral of the Assumption, Sponza Palace, or the Franciscan Monastery and Museum. While you walk from place to place? Hold hands, smile, and take pictures together. Those romantic moments will make your trip feel extra special.


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