The Hidden Gems Of Krabi


Krabi is located in southern Thailand, between Phang Nga and Trang. It is magically situated between the angular limestone karst formations jutting from the mangroves. It has magnificent scenery both at the land as well as the sea, beautiful beaches with white sand, etc. It is the perfect holiday destination and also the most relaxing part to be in Thailand.  There’s no shortage of restaurants, or gift shops that sell the usual trinkets. Since this is quiet a large area there are many attractions available here. The best time to visit Krabi is between November and April because the weather in south Thailand is unpredictable. But though the weather is not proper, still too one can find something of the other to do as many places are opened throughout the year. Krabi is famous for its limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, beautiful beaches and outstanding islands. It has become the most popular and famous destinations in Thailand especially after its own airport has started that handle international as well as national flights. The airport here is offering more routes and more flights that are frequent than ever before and so travelling is now better. It’s a key hub, around which a busy traveler scene continues to evolve.

Attraction in Krabi

Railay beach

Railay beach can be reached only by walking or by water taxi. Its western beach is considered as the best in the area but because of the lack of road access. It’s not usually crowded.  The beach is a small peninsula which consists of four beaches. There are a very few restaurants and shops that are on a small scale. One will find magnificent beaches with white sand, soaring limestone cliffs, viewpoints, caves and a lagoon hidden inside the cliffs.

Island trips

There are tours that are often carried on during the day around the scenic and majestic islands of Krabi. It’s a wonderful way to escape the crowds and travel at your own space. One can rent a boat either for a day or as a taxi and travel to many lovely little crescent beaches present on some islands. The four famous islands in Krabi are TUP Islands, PHRA NANG Cave, CHICKEN ISLAND and PODA ISLAND. The tour to these four islands is popularly known as Four Island Tour in Krabi. The tour stops every time for sunbathing, swimming, eating, exploring and relaxing.

Scenic overland tours

The landscape here is quite breathtaking and is well worth exploring. There are many tours that are offered by many tour counters, including 4-wheel drive trips that take customers to the more inaccessible beauty spots. Koh Lanta in Krabi is real utter paradise on earth. Serenity, tranquility, perfect soul soothing and placidity lull the inconsequential chatter in your mind. Complete bliss and utter peace are your hand –in-companions on this island.

Tiger cave temple

It is only 5 km away from the town. It is a small Buddhist temple located in a limestone cave. There is a game where if the visitors climb over a 1000 steps up the side of the cliff, they will be rewarded with one of the best views of Krabi possible.

Things to do in Krabi

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Krabi boasts more than 32 dive sites and countless snorkeling spots. If one is fascinated with the live underwater, Krabi offers you the same. It offers a rich marine environment, which includes super corals, pinnacles, underwater rock formation and caves. The leopard sharks, turtles and even the dolphins are regularly spotted. There are a lot of shallow areas that offer the best snorkeling in Thailand.  One can hire a long tail boat or go on one of the organized daytrips.

Sea kayaks

There are many companies that run the sea kayak tours which can last for one or more days. First the customers are ferried to the islands and are then taken on guided canoe trips. These trips are around some of the interesting caves, caverns and lagoons, which is a great opportunity to view the close up of the local wildlife. Many of these trips are perfect for fun, relaxation and preserving nature.


There are many opportunities for fishermen here that include daytrips on a well-equipped launch to catch fish like barracuda and kingfish or some may prefer the easy way of fishing at parks. In these parks one can just relax as they have staff to do most of the work and they are pretty well guaranteed to catch some of the fishes.’

So set your foot in Krabi, it will be worth it. So don’t hang up anymore and set out on your exploration to the best places to visit in Krabi.


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