Canada is known as an incredibly diverse country both for its people and its landscape. It’s hard to believe that there’s such more to the country than Nigara falls and the Rockies. Of course these are both worthwhile attractions, but there are a ton of other amazing sites in the country. Those looking for unique Canadian adventure, western Canada has it all with its superb mountain, abundant wildlife and wide open spaces.

Dunes Beach, Ontario: Best wineries, farmers markets and artisanal cheese are found at Prince Edward’s county, Canada. It is also a home to some of the province’s most stunning beaches. Most of which are located either Sandbanks Provincial Park. Formed 10000 years ago the dunes are a geological marvel that is even more magnificent to look at.


Flowerpot Island, Canada is located near Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. Not as famous as its cousin on the Bay of Fundy. But you’ll have to agree that it’s pretty cool, may be even cooler than the Bay of Fundy and such blue water.

Kananaskies country, Banff: Alberta welcomes millions of visitors each year,where you can glacier, hike on top of a mountain, walk to the base of a waterfall and trek along a ridge to the very top. There are plenty of outdoor adventures like wildlife viewing, Hiking, Backpacking, scenic drives.


Vancouver Island: the rugged wilds of Vancouver Island are the exact opposite to the cosmopolitan flare of Vancouver. A scenic ferry ride takes adventure lovers to the rocky shores of the island. You will come across a place where the rainforest meets the sea. Don’t miss out the natural wonder which includes hiking and whale watching tours. Some of the freshest air in the country comes immediately off of the Pacific Ocean. Outdoor adventure includes East sooke park, Strathcona Park, West Coast Trail.

Steep Rock features unique rock edges that overlook the clear waters of Lake Manitoba. Thousands of years of wave action has carved the limestone into beautiful cliffs and caves.

Iceberg Alley stretches from the Labrador coast to the north-eastern section of New found land. It is lined with sea side towns that have the benefits of seeing iceberg float down every year.

The bear Rock Sinkhole is located in the heart of a roadless forest. The sinkhole runs deep into the ground and houses forming a beautiful cerulean coloured body of water.

Mississauga Ontario is a lesser known Canadian City tucked away in the province of Ontario like Toronto. It lies on Lake Ontario, Canada but is a preferable location to visit for those who want to escape the intense atmosphere of Toronto for a while. The city has plenty of parks for those who want to stretch their legs and get a taste of nature.

Haida Gwali BC, Canada: Queen Charlotte Island offers activities like hiking, biking, zips lining, wildlife viewing, sailing, fishing and surfing. Then there are the art galleries and the ancient tote, poles.

Tidal Bore Moncton New Brunswick: when the tide comes in from the Bay of Fundy it creates a tidal bore that pushes up the Petitcodiac River. It’s a quite a dramatic phenomena to watch but it’s even better when you grab your surf board and catch that wave.

The town of Vulcan, Canada is a Trekker paradise with a star Trek themed museum. It is a replica of the Star ship enterprise and even a tourist information centre shaped like a spaceship. This is the perfect place to pay homage to captain Kirk who was a Canadian.

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