Hainan: An Island Paradise For Exiles


Hainan: the perfect holiday spot to enjoy warm climate in chilling winters

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than taking a short break from the hectic daily schedule, and embarking on a peaceful journey. While Tokyo, Thailand, Phuket, and Bali are amongst the top travel destinations in Asia, there are several other destinations to explore. Hainan is a sun kissed holiday atoll known popularly as ‘paradise on Earth’ is attracting tourists all across the globe. Although, a less traveled island, this Southern China Island is to shortly become an international and the best beach travel destination. The tourism is Hainan has been booming for the past five years, and there has been 18% growth rate in the tourism of this ‘paradise’. It is Asia’s southernmost Chinese territory and is also the country’s largest island.

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Rejuvenating atmosphere

If you are looking for a peaceful vacation in which you can sun soak your skin, and let your mind rejuvenate in soothing atmosphere then Hainan is probably the best beach travel destination. The gamut of hot springs, and shoulder deep, red tinged waters makes for an ideal atmosphere to revivify your soul. The island is extremely popular for tourists who come here for gaining health benefits. There are scores of tourists who head for the warm sunny climes of Hainan in contrast to the cold and snow of Northern China. Many come here to enjoy the smell of lemon scented waters and warm clean air, free from the pollution and cold of Northern China.

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Paradise for exiles

Although, the island is rapidly growing as a popular tourist destination and is attracting visitors from around the world, the atoll is historically rich too. For centuries, the island has been a magnet for exiles and in ancient times was an expedient place for sending those that were against the emperor. One of China’s most important historical figures Su Shi was exiled to live on the island of Hainan for about three years. Although, he was banished, he didn’t live a painful life for the beauty and spectacular scenery of the island mesmerized him. Time has passed and till now the island is a major attraction for exiles. The remoteness of Hainan draws exiles of a different kind, refugees seeking a comfortable haven away from the urban hustle and pollution.

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Popular vacationing destination

This beach travel destination has become Asia’s most famous tourist destination and attracts a lot of Chinese people to spend both their summer and winter holidays here. Sanya, the most popular destination of Hainan is the busiest spot and is ideal for people looking for a warmer resort in spine chilling winters. Spending a winter holiday in Sanya means you get to enjoy golden sandy stretches, clean waters, moderately crowded beaches, while sipping on a few cocktails. A comforting walk on the long beach or a short swim in the clean warm waters is something that every tourist will get to enjoy. Although, the island is not crowded there are several posh resorts and hotels available for tourists all year long. No doubt, this perfect blend makes the island of Hainan a perfect beach travel destination. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and go explore the soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere of Hainan.

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