The Great Wonders of New England

New England

From surfing the sandy Atlantic coast to hiking the cool woods of the Berkshires, the Northeast provides sources of unforgettable places to see.  Some of the wonder of New England is as follows:


Boston is the largest city.It has rough spots, but a great place to explore. This city is a blend of both old and new. Children from all over come to study in Boston, one of its famous colleges. Boston has much to offer and for anyone to immerse themselves both in Bean town’s history and modern points of interest. History is not all that Boston has to offer. It is a home to many museum, parks, sporting venue, public spaces and adventure tours. Some are the attraction in Boston:

The New England

The freedom Trail: established more than 50 yrs. ago, those who follow this 2.5 mile that is almost 4 kilometres path will go back into past 16 nationally significant historic sites. This is the one of the top things to do in Boston for all history lovers.

Enjoy a wild water adventure while cruising around the Harbour on a Boston Mini Speed Boat tour. Sports fanatics should not miss going to Fenway Park. This stadium more than 100 years old and remains one of the best stadiums to see a baseball game.

New England-2


Presidential Range is a mountain range located in the white mountain of the U.S State is the most famous range in New England. The range is almost entirely is Coos Country.

New England has plenty of great hiking area but one of them is most popular and most famous in New Hampshire’s Presidential range. It’s unique among hiking areas in Northeast US, not just because of the height of mountain but because of the massive areas with no trees and huge ravines. It includes 13 mountains, 9 of which are considered 4000 footers. The tallest mountain in the range is Mount Washington named after first president. The second tallest mountain is Mount Adams;and is named after the second president in New England.

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, MAINE is New England only National Park.  The hikers on the western side of the park like flying mountain and Acadia Mountain which are very beautiful. Acadia National Park has two life guarded beaches.  Echo lake beach offers somewhat warmer, freshwater swimming experience on the west side of the island. Freshwater lakes located in the park are used for drinking water reservoirs. Join park rangers for walks, talk, cruises and evening slide programs from May to mid-October. Acadia National Park is also the best scenic drive, which starts from Hulls Cove visitor center and offers access to Sand Beaches, Thunder Hole, Otter Cliffs, Jordan Pond and Cadillac Mountain.

The best time to hike the HUNDRED MILE WIDERNESS is in late June through July. Winter and early springs is impossible to go. It’s the wildest section of the entire Appalachian Trail in New England.

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The Hundreds mile wilderness is a remote and secluded land of the mostly untouched forest, Towering mountains, snaking stream and glittering lakes. In order to go the wilderness you must be in decent shape. You need to know what it feels like to carry a heavy load and to be on your feet for long hours.

You may have to be in the wilderness for at least 7 to 10 days. The hundred mile wilderness is loaded with mud, blog, lakes, streams and river crossing, therefore wearing trail running shoes is more recommended. The food plays a very important role.

Breakfast should consist of oat meal or granola with powdered milk. Lunch should be snack like food like tortillas, peanut butter. Dinner should consist of noodles, pasta sides or free-fried pre-packaged meals like tuna packets and a small bottle of olive oil.

It’s a truly gorgeous part of New England. It’s an experience you’ll without a doubt remember for the rest of your life.

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