Great Places to Try Snowshoeing for the First Time


Thousands of years ago when humans needed to travel across snow laden surfaces, they had devised a special form of footwear which eventually came to be known as snowshoe! However, over the centuries, snowshoeing has evolved into a new form of winter recreational activity and a budding form of fitness endeavour. Snowshoeing is basically walking on snow so the prospect of hiking which was put off by the massive snow can now be overcome! If you are an avid adventurer or even just looking for something new to do away with the boredom of your dreary winters, head over to these places and have a great time with Snowshoeing:


  1. Coffin ridge boutique winery, Annan Canada: this is a winery spread across 25 acres, it combines two favourite activities of visitors: snowshoeing and wine tasting.
  2. Devil’s thumb ranch, Colorado: this is a recreational area along with a spa located at a distance of around 80 miles from Denver. Its rustic, homely atmosphere thus providing a cosy, comfortable gateway for people.  Since it is located just beside a mountain on an open ranch, not only can the visitors enjoy snowshoeing but they can also indulge in other activities like tubing, biathlon and shooting of air rifles.
  3. North star resort in California: this is a very popular destination when it comes to snowshoeing. It has 35kms of trails which of course keep the snowshoeing visitors up and about on their feet all day. Plus, it has a lake known as lake tahoe, which provides gondola riders to visitors if they fancy it.
  4. Park city mountain in Utah: located at a mere distance of 45kms from Salt Lake City, this is another famous snowshoeing destination. Not only does it have an airplane lake but it also has an option for private tours customised for each group of travellers. Plus, it has these beautiful evergreen forests and aspen through which boarders can snow shoe.
  5. Big sky resort in Montana: this is famous for being one of the roomies snowshoeing trails with 5800 acres. It is also close to the Yellowstone national park.
  6. Big white ski resort, Canada: this has a lot of variations which provide a lot of snowshoeing through back country, interpretive outings as well as fitness walks.
  7. Sugarloaf Mountain resort and Maine huts and trails: it has 90kms of extensive trails. It also offers a lot of rentals, equipments for a lot of activities and even snowshoe outings to other lodges which might be off the grid for overnight stays and such.
  8. Sun valley, Idaho: cocooned within a 360-degree panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains, this is a favourite with the celebrities. And if you’re a literature buff be extra happy because Earnest Hemmingway once lived here.
  9. Woodstock, Victoria: tucked in upscale New England this one is an amalgam of posh and peace with plenty of trails to cover while you snowshoe.
  10. Bachelor ski resort: this is actually a free weekend gateway provided by the U.S Forest Service Interpreter, with snowshoeing tours covering both the ecological and geological aspects of the scenery.

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